Battle for quality time turns nasty

27 Apr, 2014 - 00:04 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Noah Pito
A 25-year-old Karoi woman in a polygamous marriage is battling for her life in hospital after she was allegedly stabbed by the first wife for depriving her of “an equal share of intimacy” with their husband. Beloved Kawasa has since been arrested on an attempted murder charge after seriously injuring Felistas Sande  in the attack.

Last week, Kawasa appeared before Karoi magistrate Mr Obidience Matare who advised her to apply for bail at the High Court.
According to court records, the women’s husband spent three weeks away from their Mashlands Farm home.
On his return on April 16 this year, he spent the greater part of the day with Sande.

It is alleged Kawasa became furious when she learnt that the husband was still with Sande up until midnight.
Kawasa allegedly went to Sande’s bedroom and persuaded the husband to come to her bedroom instead.
Kawasa, the court heard, was once again agitated after the man did not initiate intimacy with her.

Armed with a kitchen knife, she allegedly sneaked out and stormed Sande’s bedroom, accusing the latter of being selfish by hogging much of the “quality time”.

In a feat of rage, Kawasa then allegedly stabbed Sande two times in the stomach.
Sande bled profusely and lost consciousness.
The husband later intervened and ferried Sande to hospital while Kawasa was arrested the following morning.

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