Baba Harare keeps pedal down

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Baba Harare keeps pedal down Baba Harare

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Prince Mushawevato

If it is not broken, do not fix it.

This is exactly what Braveman Chizvino, better known as Baba Harare, is doing with his music.

The musician Thursday night launched his fourth album titled “Generator” in Harare.

The eight-track project, which is seemingly easy-to-the ear, carries the singer’s signature touch.

And it appears Baba Harare is at the peak of his composition prowess.

This is his second effort in 2019 coming after “Ramba Wakadzvanya” which was released beginning of the year.

In 2017, the jiti singer also released two albums namely “Minamato Yemarasta” and “Chikwama Changu”.

“Music is meant to entertain people and there is no reason for me to deprive fans of new productions. I will carry on dropping new stuff as long as I still have the capacity,” vowed Baba Harare on the sidelines of the launch.

The singer maintains his comic approach on songs but this time around the jiti-flavoured beat is modified in his bid to break monotony.

He also briefly experiments with the Naija sound.

If you fell in love with his previous creations, this latest offering will certainly do justice to your music palate. The singer’s vocals also deserve special mention.

He sings effortlessly.

Featured on the current offering is Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo on track seven “Come Over” and Buffalo Souljah on “Wandivaraidza”.

Other tracks on the album include “Rita”, “Jiti Gure”, “I Will Never Fall in Love”, “Generator”, “Fambai Neni” and “Automatically”, which also features on his previous album “Ramba Wakadzvanya”.

Fellow musicians that attended the launch include Peter Moyo, Gift Amuli, Andy Muridzo, Moodha and Progress Chipfumo.

Baba Harare remains one of the few success stories of break-away band members on the local showbiz scene.

His graph has been rising with each passing moment ever since he left the Third Generation band fronted by Jah Prayzah.

Band deserters have often found the going tough after launching solo careers.

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