Astonishing miracles at KPM

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Astonishing miracles at KPM

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A series of dumbfounding miracles are breaking out at Kingdom Prosperity Ministries (KPM) with the latest being that of a woman who was bedridden for eight months jumping out of a wheelchair.

Another one who had an issue with her blood was healed instantly.

These genuine miracles are happening in the full glare of congregants and without laying of hands by church leaders.

The latest miracle involving Mrs Maonei Chingaira has become the talk of town with the video going viral on social media platforms.

On Wednesday last week during a spiritual clinic service, Mrs Chingaira, who suffered a stroke about eight months ago, visited KPM believing that God would heal her.

In the company of her husband and children, she attended the service and followed proceedings while seated in a wheelchair.

Amidst a prayer session led by KPM leader Apostle Rodney Chipoyera, Mrs Chingaira stood from the wheelchair and walked without assistance, much to the shock of the congregants.

She walked from the aisle to the church altar, as scores of saints praised God for the special miracle.

One of Mrs Chingaira’s daughters, in tears, narrated how her mother suffered for the past eight months.

She said, “My mother could not sit or stand, she couldn’t walk and had bedsores for the past three weeks, her legs were swollen. She couldn’t do anything because of pain. Hapana chavaiita chisingarwadze.”

An emotional and teary Mr Chingaira said, “We have visited many churches seeking deliverance. Hatina hedu kuyenda kun’anga nekuti hatisi ven’anga but kwese kunoitwa deliverance takayenda but hapana chaichinja. But this is amazing, praise to God.”

Mrs Chingaira said she just heard a voice telling her to stand up and walk and could not explain how she gathered the strength to walk by herself.

The latest miracle comes at a time when Farai Mashiri was also healed. Mashiri was continuously bleeding for the past year until recently when she attended the powerful Wednesday spiritual clinic. The continuous bleeding ceased immediately after prayer.

As is the Mrs Chingaira’s case, Apostle Chipoyera did not lay hands on Mashiri but she testified to the hundreds of congregants that her bleeding had ceased instantly.

Mashiri could not hide her joy during the spiritual clinic prayer session.

Another miracle had congregants’ tears running down their cheeks, as Rumbidzai Rangani testified how God set her free from boils and puss which flowed from her stomach for six weeks. Rangani experienced this horrendous sickness after giving birth through caesarian section.

The C-section wounds failed to heal for several weeks while she passed discharge, resulting in her husband leaving her for another woman.

“My father-in-law stood with me and vowed that he wasn’t going to forsake me because of the illness. I put my faith in God and visited KPM. I was visibly sick, if we are to ask those who know me, they can tell the church about my condition back then.

“I put all my hope and faith in the Lord and Apostle Chipoyera prayed for me. Without taking any medication, the boils and the puss dried up instantly; I praise God for using Apostle Chipoyera and mama (Apostle Farai) for being used so mightily by God.”

As she narrated how God changed her story at KPM, Rangani broke down and some of the church members could not hold back their tears.

“God has been good to me, I didn’t know I would be here testifying how God healed me after people close to me rejected me,” said a teary Rangani.

Apostle Chipoyera said KPM had entered a new season of unending miracles and breakthroughs as many people were testifying during church services at 99 Parklane, next to the Master of High Court offices.

Others who gave glory to God include Maranantha Tumbayi who was healed of back pain. David and Talita Tumbayi testified that high blood pressure and stomach pains, respectively, disappeared after prayer.

The discomfort of menstrual pain for two months saw Kudzawi Shumbambiri visiting KPM for prayers and the issue was addressed instantly while Muyende Ngulube had a long period of menstrual flow for 30 days but she was healed during the Wednesday spiritual clinic.

As Apostle Chipoyera prayed for the sick. Ela Phiri praised the Lord for healing a painful leg while Beauty Sign’s sore arm and Ebony Chipfumbu’s headache were instantly healed during the Wednesday spiritual clinic.

Gertrude Chihambazve gave glory to God for healing a long-time stomach problem, Atlas Mukata thanked the Lord for setting him free from a one-year shoulder pain and Zivai Matondo testified of a healed chest and headache. Gogo Njirisa said after prayer by Apostle Chipoyera, she was healed of a three-week back pain while Lucia Bengo had the same experience from a two-week back pain.

Last week, Apostle Chipoyera was focusing on breaking chains of sickness, poverty, sin, witchcraft powers, procrastination, madness as well as business and career chains.

He quoted Psalms 68:6 which says, “God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. But he makes the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.”

In the past year, many special miracles have been witnessed at KPM, much to the glory of God. KPM is also home to several financial testimonies as church members are winning significant business contracts running into millions of dollars. Some with their locked monies are being paid after prayer. On Tuesday, Apostle Chipoyera will host a special morning service dubbed ‘Accelerated Promotion’ from 6.30am to 8.30am. The service is free for anyone willing to attend.


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