As strong as people around you

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As strong as people around you

The Sunday Mail

Stewart Mupaya Chinhoyi University of Technology
Hearing is a biological endowment that some were born with, but listening is a tentative skill which is martially acquired with resonance…

And so we live in a generation whose listening ability has been ruled out by ignorance and impatience. A generation eager to build empires and develop urban sprawls but dwelling in the slumps of oblivion. We ought to pin back our ears and take heed of the economic salvation for out of shrewd utterances comes forth practical entrepreneurial solutions.

Have you ever wondered why the world is a beautiful place to be? Have you ever thought why things are the way they are in the manner that they are? It is distinctly because everything has a unified sound way of mutual being. Likewise, human beings in the success circle carry exclusive resemblances of self to complement the other. People are uniquely defined by character and people have conjoint traits. We are all one people. Different skin, race, languages, backgrounds, views, thoughts, desires; but we are all one to equipoise the other.

Sometimes we forget to pay attention to each other disremembering that the next person has exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes we intentionally ignore one another; and sometimes we just fail to connect. Nonetheless, one thing binds us together. Nature has its own way of balancing matters of existence and subconsciously we are found weaving through into the archetypical systems. This is so because the success factor has co-existence as one of its constructive dynamics.

We are existent in a self-contained inter dependent social and economic system. A person is as strong as his or her network of associates. These are plainly the rules of survival in a socio-economic jungle for productive being. People need people. We ought to make new friends and always extend a hand to others. Once this becomes a way of life, you activate selflessness and expose the noteworthy hidden acumen. This is the ultimate return to virtuousness. One would have answered the call of realisation and can thereby attract success.

This nation is one to reckon with. Many celebrities, iconic figures and blueprint developments originate here. It has been and still remains a house of bread. This automatically equates to the type of people who sprout from this social order. You being a part of it are not left out of this conquest net. We have always prepared ourselves for success and for as long we continue in this spirit, victory is certain. I want you to jump out of the boat of self-pity and realise the hero in you. The populace is waiting for you. You are carrying a solution to someone’s problem; so break out of that shell and shine.

Plainly said, we cannot justify our missed targets based on the poor performance of an economy. Your fate solely lies in your hands for it is you who will make your own sphere the achievement depository. A life of blame is a life tainted with shame, ignorance, negligence, misery; and dismay. Instead of establishing a collective uprising of fault finding, why then not be enterprising and construct a collective edge of improvement. Expectations weighed against mindful truth reveals that the deal breaker is group cohesiveness.

The palms of icons are engraved with practical governance of group substance. It still remains and always has been a world of co-existence, alliances, pairing, blending and unions; an approved success factor. Interestingly, there are natural settings which are coherent with success sceneries. At times we do things for the mere love of money and not that we love what we do. When you do what you love you do it more. If it is a financial injector, then the more money you will also acquire. We need not forget our inter-dependence and assist others too. In so doing, we gain more experience, exposure and solutions from just a mere act of kindness.

Looking forward to a bumper harvest without planting a seed is chasing against the wind. What you need is not necessarily money, but what you need is to follow your heart. It knows where to lead you to; a place of both success and peace of mind. People consign their money where there is value. What comes out of you must be of value and create wealth for you.

The world is a breeding place for endless possibilities. Its vast prospects open up to oceans and seas of accomplishment. Our own frivolous deeds are the ones which fight back on us in the success arena. Many of us hold back what we ought to flight up as banners guiding our vision. The interesting thing is that even when we do so, that little fire in us never dies down. Instead, it waits for that small spark to be rekindled. We seek to feed ourselves on anything that comes our way which might shake us off and regenerate the mastery in us. As thought-provoking as it might be, the hidden acumen would still need to be exposed.

We talk not of a far kingdom, but our immediate vicinity. We chat about making it every now and then, we eat on it, we work with the contemplation deep inside; and we still live amongst those who clamp to our answers. Even as you read this, alas, there is light inside the tunnel and not just at the end of it. When preparation meets opportunity, success is evident. I say this with extreme boldness because I have observed the conviction in your eyes, the hope in your speech and the endurance in your acts.

Little by little, line by line I see you pulling through. Why be the tail when you can be the head? You can and you will. Trying is not good enough. Just do it because you are the next big thing. Step up and step in. Get up and get going. Stand up and stand on. Wake up, dress up, show up and make things happen. Be Purpose Driven and be WIRED FOR SUCCESS…

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