Artistes collaborate on anti-xenophobia song

05 Sep, 2019 - 17:09 0 Views
Artistes collaborate on anti-xenophobia song

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo

For the past few days, some parts of South Africa have been turned into warzones, with foreign ‘African’ nationals and their businesses falling victim to violent xenophobic attacks.

It prompted retaliatory attacks in various countries such as Nigeria, Mozambique and Zambia, where South African corporations have been targeted.

A war of words on social media has been the order of the day, with numerous celebrities from across the continent airing their views on the situation south of the Limpopo.

However, as this plays out, a number of musicians from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, DRC, Botswana and South Africa have collaborated on a song speaking out against the xenophobic attacks.

The song, which was produced by Mono Mukundu, features Dereck Mpofu, Willis Watafi, Ras Caleb, Kunle Ayo, Winnie Khumalo and Teddy Bears, among others.

“We are African (Say no to Xenophobia)” speaks about the oneness of Africa.

The lyrics are in several languages, including Igbo, Zulu, Tswana, Suthu, Shona, English and Patois.

One of the artistes, Dereck Mpofu, told The Sunday Mail that the song was against hatred and violence.

“The song seeks to conscientise Africans, especially South Africans, that we are all one, that this hatred and violence should stop,” said Mpofu.

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