Artistes call for peaceful polls

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Artistes call for peaceful polls

The Sunday Mail

TOMORROW Zimbabwe goes to polls and arts practitioners, just like every other citizen, are calling for peace during and after the polls.

A Peace Festival held under the theme “Shout to the Lord”, meant to promote peace and political tolerance ahead of the forthcoming elections was held last week. Various artistes took part at the event.

The arts industry is also affected by Government policies and prevailing political situation, hence artistes want the elections to be as credible as possible. Below is what some of the key arts players told our Senior Reporter Prince Mushawevato.


Charles Charamba

Zimbabweans are known for love. Let us preserve that and our culture on Election Day. Our differences should not take precedence. Whatever happens, let us just remain peace-loving Zimbabweans and everyone should pray for a peaceful nation.


Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave

We are a peace loving nation. Maintain the prevailing peace record we have on the international scene and also let us continue to pray for amity and wait upon the will of God.

Alick Macheso

Tinoshuvira dai vanhu vaita sarudzo murunyararo kuitira kuti iyo nyama nemitezo zvirambe zviri pamwe zvakare zvisina kuiswa mbonje.

Tisaite ndewe ne ruzha, tiri vanhu vamwe, ayaaaaya (We don’t want violent elections and we wish for the process to be done in peace. We don’t want people to lose life or limb in the process of voting). I will be joining Zimbabweans in casting my vote on Monday (tomorrow).


Dr Rebecca Chisamba

I want to urge all Zimbabweans to vote with their hearts. Chiri mumoyo chiri muninga, hachizikanwe. We should not vote with our mouths, mukanwa makashata.

Sometimes when you are quiet, people appreciate and respect you but that usually changes as soon as you open your mouth. Runyararo runokunda zvose. Election is a visitor, which is why it is held in a single day. We need to do the election peacefully so that we are able to relate after. Violence is not worth it.


Aaron Chiundura-Moyo

Let us vote with hope for tomorrow, meaning the forthcoming elections are not just for jobs and money but for peace. With this I mean we should vote for tranquillity so that it (peace) will bring fortune for us in the long run.

2912-1-1-DOC VIKELA

Doc Vikela

People should go out and vote in their numbers but they should vote in peace.

But above all, when results are announced, we should all know good yako haisi good yangu (what’s good for you is not good for me). Just vote for the person you want and hope for the best.


Josphat “Big Josh” Hozheri

Voting is a constitutional right that should be exercised by all. I will be one of the first people in the voting queue on Monday.

We must vote in peace and contribute towards the development of Zimbabwe.


Jesesi Mungoshi

What I want for Zimbabwe are free and fair elections, and peace. The most important thing is for people not to be held as prisoners.

Peace, love and tranquillity should reign supreme and we must all keep on praying that all goes well. I know of people that are currently fasting for a peaceful election.

I am a Harare registered voter and will be exercising my constitutional right by going to vote on July 30.

1512-2-1-DAVES GUZHA

Daves Guzha

None of the political parties have given a thrust on the creative industry. They view us as mere entertainers and nothing more.

Whoever gets to win the election should engage us.

The country is not only about vendors, farmers or miners. We need someone who will take us seriously as the creative sector and help boost our trade.

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