“Art and design can be a door”

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“Art and design can be a door” Palma Mukandi

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Palma Mukandi CUT Student —
At the mention of the word playground, one can’t help but imagine a park full of kids running around and playing their hearts out with bundle of energy and enthusiasm that they possess. The art exhibition titled the playground is, however, nothing like a kidsplayground.

Palma Mukandi the host of the exhibition derived the concept of the playground from this very concept of the freedom that comes with being in a playground like the aforementioned children.  The playground is an exhibition that aims to provide a free play to enthusiastic artists, art gurus and the public alike, to be hosted at the prestigious village Unhu art gallery in Avondale and running for three days, the exhibition promises to be one of a kind as it shall feature a host of different artworks and designs both traditional and modern.

Speaking in an interview with one of the invited guest Mr Mukandi, he highlighted that he is looking forward to being part of this event especially because of the fact that there has been a lack of art exhibitions in Zimbabwe and it will be a moment all event to feature in one exhibition that promises to provide a new style to the Zimbabwean art world.

It will be an important highlight that aims to bring an insight on the interesting and certainly ever expanding field of art. It is not a mystery that the arts field are not completely the most preferred career path for many aspiring young men and women who are fresh from school and looking to venture into the career world, with many opting for the commercial field instead.

With the unemployment levels in the country reaching unprecedented levels, the playground exhibition looks to open a door of opportunity and educate people of the many benefits that come with venturing into art and design especially the be your own boss initiative trending otherwise known as entrepreneurship.

“The art and design can be a door that will help the economy of Zimbabwe and boost the levels of unemployment”, added Mr Mukandi in the interview.

The host herself promises that this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and a unique event that you would not dare to miss. Renowned art gurus will be in attendance and also various art houses, it will be an event that offers important insight to the world of art and provide important partnerships to make the arts and design prevalent in Zimbabwe. Snacks and entertainment from the talented Paida shall be provided.

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