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Archbishop Guti opens up about late son

Veronica Gwaze

FOR the first time since the death of his son two years ago, an emotional Zimbabwe Assemblies of God-Africa (Zaoga) founder, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti has opened up about the tragic incident.

Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Jnr died in intensive care after nearly drowning in a swimming pool while on holiday in South Africa. He died at the age of 35.

The late Evangelist left behind wife Carol, children Dorcas III, Eutricia Eunor and Ezekiel III. The Gutis continue to regard EJ’s widow as their own daughter.

Archbishop Guti, who turned 96 years old last Sunday, spoke of how the family is missing the late Ezekiel Jnr.

“I miss EJ, the family misses EJ, the church misses him, in fact we all miss him. I am a leader and father to many therefore I ought to remain strong but I really miss him. In the Bible it is clear that death is God’s doing so we simply have to accept it and be strong. But inside we are hurting,” he revealed.

Archbishop Guti fondly remembers how close he was to his son.

“As EJ got into ministry, I discovered that he looked so much up to me as he frequently consulted me on several issues. At times I would come back home very late and tired but I would find him (EJ) waiting for me if he needed to talk.

“He would not allow me to sleep. He would say, ‘Daddy talk to me, help me.’ I had no choice but to help him. That was his nature, that’s who he was, if he needed something, he was determined to get it,” said Archbishop Guti.

By the time of his death, Archbishop Guti believes that ministry was EJ’s greatest achievement.

The book “The Man Who Defied Condition”, authored by his late son, became a lesson for him as a father. The book chronicled his life experiences.

“He had become a great preacher and I believe that is the best gift he gave to God and it was a lesson well learnt for us, especially myself. In the word, I understand that God never promised that we are not going to die. When he gave us EJ, he never told us when he was going to die, it just happened.

“People may say a lot but I said to myself, I will leave it in the hands of God. For me, the most important thing is that EJ was born again and he feared God. I am a happy man because of that.

“When he died, it was painful but I knew God was there when all this happened. I had no control over it so l was satisfied that I had played my part,” he said with a smile on his face.

Despite his age, Archbishop Guti continues to travel the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He keeps himself fit by taking a two kilometre walk every morning and eating natural foods.

He also spends most of his time reading the Bible and scribbling notes. The hymn ‘He lifted me high’ remains his favourite as it is a reminder of his call to ministry as a young man in Highfield.