Apama, Fearless dance-off tonight

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Apama, Fearless dance-off tonight Mr Ugly Zimbabwe, Apama Style

The Sunday Mail

FORGET the dance battles between the pole climbing Zoey and the waist wriggling Beverly; there’s a new game in town.

It involves groups that practice what has come to be known, in night life circles, as midnight theatre. These are groups that blend dance and acting to produce captivating performances.

One of the artistes who popularised theatrical dancing in clubs and other leisure spots is Apama, real name David Machowa, whose antics on stage have won him many fans.

The guy’s creativity knows no bounds, creating captivating dance routines that always leave people in stitches.

Fearless is another outfit that has proven to be a force to reckon with on the dance scene. Its rise in popularity means the group poses a great challenge to any other dance group that might fancy being called the best in the business.

Founded in 2012, the 10-member outfit has breath-taking acts.

Tonight, dance lovers get to decide who the better act is between Apama and Fearless when these two giants clash at City Sports Bar in Harare.

This epic battle, dubbed “Clash of the Best”, promises to be explosive considering that both participants are claiming the best-in-the-business tag.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Leisure, Fearless founder Fungai Daura said the show was the best platform to strut their stuff.

“This gives us the opportunity to show people that we can stand toe-to-toe with the best in the business and maybe prove that we are actually better,” said Daura.

He said despite that Apama has been in the industry longer than them, they were prepared to show that they had also come of age.

“We want people to come in their numbers so that they decide on their own who the better act is between us and Apama.

‘‘He was already dancing long before we even formed our group but even though we followed his footsteps to get here, we are also dangerous.

“The name of our group says it all, we are not afraid of any competition or obstacle so come Sunday, we will show people what this group is all about.

‘‘We have a new routine that we will be unveiling on the day so all our fans should brace for an exciting performance.”

In a separate interview, Apama said he was the best dancer in Zimbabwe and was not about to let anyone take away his crown.

“Fearless are still little kids and I am older when it comes to this business so technically they can’t compete with me. I have always been the best and to tell you the truth there is no substitute for quality,” said Apama, adding: “Apama Styles is always on top of the game and this Sunday I will be introducing my new acts including Zim 1, Code 0 and Sarawoga, so people should be ready for an epic performance.” City Sports Bar is not new to hosting such events being one of the top leisure spots in the capital promoting dance.

Club manger Mathias Bangure said they had seen it fit to bring two of the best dance groups together to give patrons value for money.

“I have been watching these guys performing for a while now and I have heard many people arguing as to who the better act is between the two so we decided to organise this show where they will go head-to-head for fans to decide who is king,” said Bangure.

“There might be others who have never seen these guys performing and I just want to encourage them to come through and also enjoy the performances.”

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