Antipas opens up

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Antipas opens up

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Langton Nyakwenda

HE is one of the few coaches to have won a Premier Soccer League title with two different clubs and is widely regarded as a shrewd tactician.

Joey Antipas won his first league title with Motor Action in 2010, before completing a brace five years later with Chicken Inn.

The 62-year-old has coached in the South African top-flight league and also managed the national team.

His illustrious coaching career stretches over two decades.

Yet he is one of the coaches who have been negatively affected by ZIFA’s new regulations.

Arthur Tutani, who guided Simba Bhora into the Premier Soccer League and has done so with several teams before, has also been affected.

Hwange, who were promoted into the top-flight last year, are currently sweating over Bongani Mafu, who holds a UEFA B Licence.

ZIFA insists that coaches without CAF A certificates will not sit on technical benches for Premiership teams starting this year.

Antipas holds a CAF B Licence and has had several attachments with German Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund.

Although ZIFA have indicated that there are clauses that exempt experienced coaches like Antipas, his employers, Chicken Inn, are not prepared to gamble, and have elevated the veteran to the post of club technical director.

Antipas’ protégé, Prince Matore, is now the head coach.

Although Antipas is settling into his new role at the Gamecocks, he is not amused.

“Standardisation is a good thing in a real environment, but, at the moment, we are not in a real environment due to our ban by FIFA.

“So, all I can do as one of the coaches who do not have the CAF A is to hope that the course comes up,” lamented Antipas.

The former Motor Action gaffer strongly believes standardisation is the way to go for Zimbabwe, but feels ZIFA have not been fair to coaches, especially considering that the association has failed to hold the CAF A course since 2017.

“I would like to continue and pursue my coaching career,” said the seasoned gaffer.

“I still got gas in my tank, but the authorities decide and it’s one of those things. So, we just have to hope things can work out . . .

“It’s a pity that there haven’t been CAF A courses for quite some time.”

Antipas was invited for the CAF A course that was held in Harare in 2017 but could not attend as he was in Durban.

“I was at Amazulu in Durban and could not make it because the club didn’t want me to attend, as I would have been away for four weeks.

“You know, if you are coaching a foreign club, there is no way you can just decide to go away. So, I was very unfortunate, but if the course comes up,

I will have to do the courses because it’s important to invest in yourself properly.”

He, however, believes his achievements warrant an exemption.

“I thought I was okay without the CAF A certificate because my results speak for themselves . . .

“It is a bit unfair to standardise, especially in the situation that we are as Zimbabwe. Remember, we are banned by CAF and FIFA.

“We are also not playing in the Champions League. Even if your club wins the championship, you can’t play in Africa.

“But as coaches, we continue working until the ban is lifted and the courses come up.”

One thing he is proud of is transforming Chicken Inn into a “consistent” club that “always challenges for honours”.

“I have been with the Gamecocks for a while now, and I think we have not been too bad.

“Yes, I am still settling into my new role as technical director, but one thing for sure is that we will try to continue being a force.

“We are a good club, a club that will always fight for honours,” says Antipas.

Chicken Inn won their only league title in 2015.

Since then, they have finished in the top four.

But he believes the team is still far behind FC Platinum, who have won the championship in the last four consecutive seasons.

“They (FC Platinum) are very professional in the way they do their things.

“Professionalism brings success, so I think we have to try and be more professional so that we reap the rewards.

“But as a club, I think we are moving in the right direction. We just have to continue in that vein,” he said.

Antipas feels Matore will ably steer the Gamecocks.

“I coached Prince and got him into coaching. He is definitely going to be a very good coach because he does things professionally.

“So, I am a happy man,” he says.

“Prince is sharp, he played in Poland, so it will definitely rub off onto the players.

“We work hand in glove and have been doing that for all the years we were together.

“I am very happy that my protégé is now stepping up, and definitely he is a coach for the future.”

Antipas’ other protégé, Clement Matawu, is also now an administrator at the club.

He is also being eased into coaching.

“Clement (Matawu) was a special player, a very skilful and disciplined player. It was a pleasure to coach him and now he is in administration. He is fitting into that role very well.”


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