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Apostolic Faith Mission’s Pastor Kudakwashe Chiwashira is a man on a mission.

“Apart from teaching the word, I also dream of inspiring and motivating people,” said the 31-year-old clergyman.

When not on the podium delivering sermons, the pastor spends much of his time writing books.

With four books already under his belt, Pastor Chiwashira recently released his fifth and arguably most anticipated offering, which is titled “Eight People who Always Succeed”.

His other books are titled “Where is My Money, It’s All in You”, “The Essence of Obedience — The Blessing Factor”, “67 Plus One” and “I Can: I Will and I Will”.

All his books were inspired by his life experiences.

“First and foremost, literature is not a hobby or something I do on the side, it is a calling of sorts,” said Pastor Chiwashira.

“I have always been passionate about literature, whether it’s reading, writing or the endless pursuit of attaining knowledge.

“My father is an avid reader and had a well-stocked library in the house. Later in life, my passion for literature manifested and I decided to author my first book, which took me about three years to write.”

“On my books, my personal favourite is “Where is My Money, It’s All in You”. This is a financial empowerment book and my very first release.

“67 Plus One” is a tribute to my father and a collection of 67 inspirational quotes. The last quote was my father’s, taken from what he would tell my siblings and l when we were younger.

“That book was published in 2018 when he turned 68 years old,” he said.

Pastor Chiwashira said “Eight People Who Always Succeed” has a special place in his heart as it was largely influenced by his own personal drive to succeed.

“We are always asking what we need to do to succeed. This book tries to explore this and many other questions we might have.”

In the book, Pastor Chiwashira addresses ethics, the moral codes and sacrifices we make in our quest to achieve our goals.

He uses a few examples of people who have gone through certain routes.

The book was launched a fortnight ago and is already on the shelves of selected bookshops in the capital.

The last born in a family of four, Pastor Chiwashira was born on August 29, 1988.

He is a pastor with the Apostolic Faith Mission and is based at Aspindale Park, Mufakose.

He says he draws inspiration from American tele-evangelist TD Jakes.

Born and bred in Mufakose, Pastor Chiwashira is a holder of a Diploma in Theology, which he attained at the Living Waters Theological Seminary in Tynwald, Harare.

He is also a trained counsellor in prison ministry, HIV and Aids.


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