Andy Muridzo’s Quantum defies size

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Andy Muridzo’s Quantum defies size

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze

DYNAMITE comes in small packages.

However, it is a different story with the Jeetaz Band backing vocalist Marbel ‘Quantum’ Bore.

She is dynamite, but not small in any measure. In fact, the backing vocalist earned her moniker “Quantum” because of her plus size.

A combination of splendid vocals, an affectionate smile and slow yet captivating gyrations makes her one of Andy Muridzo’s most treasured band members.

She is a marvel to watch in action, especially when she joins forces with Fortune ‘Bazooka’ Chuma.

Since joining Jeetaz Band in 2015, ‘Quantum’ has become a vital cog in the ensemble.

“Jeetaz Band has become home for me. I joined the group back in the day, when I was still raw, and they taught me most of the things about the stage. I’m ‘Quantum’ today because of them,” she said in an interview with The Sunday Mail Society.

Her journey

The Highfield-bred vocalist and dancer is the only child in her family.

She discovered her love for music when she was still at Highfield 1 High School. She was a member of the school’s music club.

Back then, she would imitate various artistes but never imagined she would become a professional singer as she was “shy and reserved”.

However, during one of her many job-hunting expeditions, after completing high school in 2014, she came across an advert in which the late Prince Musarurwa was searching for backing vocalists.

She immediately went for auditions and was pleasantly surprised after she was selected out of the multitudes that had turned out.

“I was in Bulawayo job hunting, when I saw his advert, so I had to travel back to Harare for the auditions. No one at home knew about the move,” she recalls.

“There were no fans at the auditions, so it did not feel any different from the performances we did in school. I was not scared at all and I nailed it.”

For months, “Quantum” performed under the late Afro-jazz singer without her family knowing it.

She always had to hatch a plan to leave home and attend gigs or rehearsals.

But as their band gained popularity, the schedule became busy, compelling her to finally open up.

Coming from a Christian background, her mother was against the job.

“They associated it with prostitution and loose morals, among other unholy acts, so I was told to quit,” she said.

The situation at home became tense, but she remained resolute in pursuing her dream.

After shows, she would quickly go back home.

She started contributing towards the family’s upkeep.

Resultantly, her mother gradually had a change of heart.

To safeguard her, the mother would communicate directly with Musarurwa about their schedules and keep track of her daughter.

“I understood her fears, so I made sure I stayed in line,” said “Quantum”.

In 2015, former Jah Prayzah’s manager Filda Muchabaiwa, also known as Mai Shinda or Mama Filo, approached her to feature on Muridzo’s “Ndaenda Naye” video.

Muridzo instantly fell in love with the artiste’s style and offered her a job.

For months, she doubled up for Musarurwa and Muridzo, before joining the latter full-time.

“The Jeetaz camp was always busy. There were more shows and even the stage work was more than what I was used to.

“My first show was in Harare and the crowd was bigger. But from the stage, I spotted some fans criticising me in the crowd, which lowered my self-esteem. I even contemplated quitting that same day,” recounts “Quantum”. Some of the fans, she said, openly passed rude comments about my size.

Fellow band members convinced her to stay.

But more challenges and temptations were to come.

“The community labelled me a prostitute while others questioned if at all I had any intentions to ever settle down in future and it affected my mother.

“I would burst into tears, but passion always brought me back to the stage,” she narrated.

In 2019, “Quantum” went on maternity leave, although she attended most rehearsals and shows.

Bouncing back after maternity, she recalls, was easier than she thought.

Along the way, she has received tempting ‘offers’.

“Some men offer me free solo recording opportunities and other packages.

“However, I have realised that all they want is to sleep with me. I am happy at Jeetaz Band and will be staying put.”

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