Ammara revels in multiple talents

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Ammara revels in multiple talents

The Sunday Mail

AMMARA Brown is a multi-talented artiste. She is a musician, actress, choreographer, clothing designer, writer, you name it.

Recently, she surprised many with a flawless exhibition when she featured as a presenter at the glamorous 2021 edition of the National Arts Merit Awards (Nama).

The award-winning artiste is also currently on television as one of the judges in the second season of the “Old Mutual Amazing Voices”.


This is a Pan-African singing competition that is televised in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. Our reporter Brighton Zhawi last week caught up with Ammara — daughter of the late great musician Andy Brown — for an interview.



Q: You were composed as a presenter at the Nama Legends at 40 Awards ceremony. How was the experience?

A: It was challenging and exciting all at once. I really believe that growth in all aspects of my craft is important. Above that, the honour of hosting Nama Legends was everything.

Q: Can you tell us about your acting career?

A: I did a few seasons in “Muzita Rababa”. It was great exploring a different personality. I have always looked at art as a lens through which to “innerstand” humans.

My first paying professional job was at the age of nine. I featured alongside Sekuru Tuku (late Oliver Mtukudzi) in an advert.

However, I somehow developed a fear of cameras as I grew. Fortunately, I was able to conquer it as my career progressed. I got two acting awards later and (I am) looking forward to more.

Q: Ammara is into music, acting, dancing and presenting. What other talents does she have?

A: I am also a composer, copywriter, producer of many variations, clothing designer, and I find cooking to be therapeutic. I am a creative, divinely!

Q: Why do you perform barefooted?

A: My higher spirit commands my bare feet, as my craft is sacred.

Q: Do you have any new project(s) ready for your fans?

A: Something huge is coming, musically. On the television front, I will be on your screens throughout the continent beginning Sunday.

I will be part of the programme “Old Mutual Amazing Voices”.

 Q: Covid-19 has hit the creative sector hard since March last year. What has kept you going in this difficult time?

A: It is ironic, but 2020 was my favourite year in life thus far. I got to spend quality time with myself and my loved ones, while I worked when I felt like it.

Basically, my version of heaven.

Q: As a role model, what is your message to young girls that look up to you?

A: Figure out what you want to do and give it 100 percent.

Whether you have professional or marital aspirations, please remember that both are a journey not a destination.

Q: Your song “Tichichema” challenges all forms of abuse – physical, emotional or mental. Do you think as a society we are making strides in combating abuse?

A: I would say we are at the beginning of a truly transformative journey, so yes.


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