Amai Mugabe School in leadership course

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Amai Mugabe School in leadership course Mazvita Nhidza

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Mazvita Nhidza Headgirl AMJS
At Amai Mugabe Junior School we believe that leadership skills are extremely important for young people. In order to develop and to do so effectively, they need opportunities to go outside.

These words were taken into consideration by the Headmaster of Amai Mugabe Junior School, Mr P. Chitambo, the Deputy Head Ms L. Munaiwa alongside the trip organiser Mr. C. Chigwete when we went on a leadership course at the close of the first term.

Amai Mugabe Junior School in partnership with the Scouts Association of Zimbabwe organised the leadership course for the prefects and captains of the school.

The course was held at Pax Park which is situated in the vast Lake Chivero Area. The facilitators were Paddington, Talent, Rodney and Mr. Bright Mudoti a.k.a Chibaba or Explodito Galataitaitain. All of the facilitators are well-known scouts of Zimbabwe.

THe trained leaders pose with scouts

THe trained leaders pose with scouts


Before the seminar, we had an exercise where we would move and freeze to get us into a happy mood. When everyone was happy and ready, Paddington led the seminar which we learnt the following:

  • What is a leader?
  • What makes a leader?
  • Types, styles and elements of leadership.
  • Ways to prioritize, plan and manage time.
  • A leader should have  a piece of the leadership cake below:

The  group of prefects and captains was divided into four equal interactive groups. Before we began the games, we were served cuisines cooked to culinary perfection by our trained chefs for our breakfast.


We changed to sports-wear and we had a break whilst admiring the monkeys which were peering at us. A banana eating competition was held which made us all chuckle.


The games were based on what we had previously learnt on good leadership skills like teamwork.

The games which were enjoyed most were:

  • Tug of war
  • Volleyball
  • String maze
  • Pop the balloon
  • Limbo (how low can you go)

As the day came to an end, all the pupils took a shower and switched to casual wear. We had a braai and ate the meat with our staple food sadza, rice, potatoes and salad.

The last activity of the day was a game drive.


On the way to the game drive, our bus wheels got stuck in the mud. All hope was lost until we applied our teamwork training. Some of the scouts and pupils used shovels to dig around the wheels.

Some of the pupils collected stones to help. After persisting, the bus finally got out. Subsequent to showing this act of teamwork, we all received certificates of completion and badges which marked the end of the leadership course.

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