Amacimbi in tomato sauce

11 Sep, 2016 - 00:09 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

A Southern African delicacy that every visitor with an interest in exotic food always tastes when visiting Zimbabwe, mopane worms also known as amacimbi or madora — are a great source of protein.


One cup dried mopane worms;

Two cups boiling water;

One tablespoon cooking oil;

One cup water;

One medium onion (chopped);

Two tomatoes (chopped);

One teaspoon paprika;

Pinch of salt and pepper to season.


In a large bowl soak the mopane worms in two cups of boiling hot water for an hour or until soft. Rinse several times.

Transfer mopane worms to
a pot of one cup boiling water and oil simmer for five to 10 minutes.

Add onions and after they become golden brown, add the tomatoes and paprika and simmer for another five to 10 minutes until the mixture thickens.

Serve with hot sadza
and greens. —

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