All systems go for party scene

26 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views
All systems go for party scene

The Sunday Mail

VIOLENT antics by opposition hooligans in Harare early this month threw a wet blanket over the capital’s party scene.

Then South African star Nasty C came to headline the “Change a Life Concert”, and the Blowout Burnouts lit up Borrowdale Racecourse — both events being staged last weekend — and Harare was back with a bang.

It was the perfect way to reignite the city and say goodbye to the cold season.

The “Change a Life Concert” also laid to rest unwarranted beliefs that hip-hop is the poor cousin of the music family.

Nasty C delivered a top-drawer act when he went on stage around 11pm, with the young crowd singing and dancing along.

Dishing hits from his new album “Strings and Bling”, Nasty C took no prisoners.

And he whipped the audience into a frenzy when he dropped the first line of his verse on Major Lazor’s “Particular”, which was one of the biggest hits on the pop music scene in 2017. Jah Signal followed the South African star’s act, and he kept the momentum high despite getting a few minutes with the mic.

At Borrowdale Racecourse, the Blowout burnouts had no shortage of spills and thrills.

Once a fringe activity of urban subculture, burnouts are now firmly in the mainstream.

The number of drivers and bikers who participate is growing, and the stunts are getting more daring.

It was also an opportunity for those with flashy cars to display their wheels, with one of the standouts being Genius Kadungure’s 2018 Rolls Royce Ghost.

May the love for peace and fun live well into the summer and beyond.

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