All I have are memories

28 Mar, 2014 - 12:03 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Alpha Muzokura (U6) St David’s Girls’ High, Bonda
A soft breeze swept through my heart. The sky was dark. I knew that he was gone for good and was never going to come back. Softly the leaves of memory fall, slowly I pick them up because today, tomorrow and till my life ends, I will never forget a father like you.
My light, my friend, my beloved and my dearest father, there he was lying in that white four-cornered box, with all his faith and goodness.

Memories strike me for all those good memorable times we used to spend together. You were a devoted man, a man with a rich heart, a fountain of happiness and a handful of love.
I remember when I fell, your hands so soft like a feather, would lift me up. When I was alone you came with a heart so tender to be there for me.

When I lost hope you encouraged me with words of wisdom.
“You were my strength when I was weak, my voice when I could not speak, you were my eyes when I couldn’t see” and now I am strong to say that I can still go on.

You might be six feet under but your legacy will always live. The footsteps you left behind will never fade. Dad, your life was a battle well fought evidenced by the good fruits which still live on.

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