Abuse of access

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Brian Ngosi
In life, not everyone has the same access to the same things.
Each section, event or category is accessed freely by a few. Structurally and ideally, it is proper with a fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

These few supposedly carry the burden of all the other people who don’t have the same privileges. For the good of society, the principal in any set-up has to be in touch with the reality on the ground. Those with access have a moral obligation to represent and reflect the will of those that do not have access.

Sadly, most people abuse their power of access.

The honour is on a personal level and society is poorer because of abuse of access. Most individuals find it far-fetched to represent the general interests of other people, they advance selfish interests.

In every aspect of life, be it in church, politics, sport or work, there are individuals who always find pleasure in pursuing personal interests against common good.

The whisper in the ears of leaders who relies on their advice, such that decisions that are ultimately taken reflects their narrow interests. They yield so much power based on access privileges. Such individuals destroy other people as their opinions are respected. Decisions are made based on their consultation although it is narrow and inward looking.

Don’t build a fortress around the leader, allow everyone to share their worth and treat each contribution on its merits. Desist from the folly of diluting submissions and discrediting others based on your personal interests. It’s always shameful when stories of those who labored to build an empire based on abuse of access surfaces.

Always remember there are other spheres where you don’t enjoy the same access and you would not be at the pleasure of being a victim yourself.

Your personal enemies are not enemies to the system. Your misunderstanding with whoever in any environment cannot be settled by your abuse of access.

If there is anything that doesn’t last forever, it is position of power. It is diabolical to imagine that whoever has access to position of authority can use it to settle personal scores.

In an organisational set-up, you may find individuals who do not take some time off work as they fear that their shortcomings will be exposed during their absence.

Do not be that kind of person.

When consulted, be humane enough to always make submissions that are for the good of society.

Find courage to use your access privileges for the common good. Let it not be the weapon of mass destruction. Empower others who don’t have the same access. Carry the burden of man and advice beyond your personal interests for the good of society.

At any given point and in any set-up, let your power to access improve someone’s life above your own. Always whisper wisdom in the ears of the leader you have access to.

Humanity is poorer because your agenda is using your access for empire building. Avoid the pitfall of placing your own around the leader and pushing away those of varying opinions.

Your reputation and personal worth sustains from your contribution to achieving set goals. Don’t ever place your hope on pulling others down because your voice can be heard where the same do not have access. With or without access, build a credible character on which society can confide and pin their hopes.

Reflect and raise hope for humanity through your power of access.


Brian Ngosi is a motivational writer who seeks to inspire individuals to make a difference for the good of society. Brian can be reached at [email protected], fb page #BN_inspired 2018 or interact with him on WhatsApp at 0772440383 to receive daily inspirational messages.


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