‘A woman’s face is a canvas: A piece of art’

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‘A woman’s face is a  canvas: A piece of art’

The Sunday Mail

Violet Sibanda MSU Media student

I have believed this for as long as I can remember and I still do. Make up is a form of art and having the ability to make it come alive is a blessing. I started doing makeup at the age of 19. Passion pulled me. I did not start with good resources but just a small makeup bag and a mirror .

As soon as I finished my A-Level I started on with house calls, I was so determined to learn each and every time I get a chance to. My dream and my goal were intertwined and with hard work, I finally got a place to rent in Harare and my brand name is “Zitah beauty bar” #keeping it elegant. Having to witness women on a daily basis who walk into my shop with low self-esteem and knowing that I’m able to boost their confidence with my art is what I really love about my makeup business. Makeup does not totally change someone but it enhances what is already there. It gives detail and cover up skin blemishes like pimples, skin patches. Just like clothes, women wear makeup depending on what the occasion is .

I dismiss the saying that “women wear makeup for attraction” no but as it gives an elegant look women do it for themselves to feel content and great about themselves. Confidence is an essential quality that we all need and when we don’t have that, life AC just about as unbearable
My dream is to open a cosmetology school one day and teach young girls how to take better care of themselves, to give them opportunities that I couldn’t have. Being a “mua” has opened so many doors in my life I recently got a chance at Central Radio to do a tutorial and other models from different agents .

I also do bridal makeup and groom too, and soon I will host an event for live tutorials to help many women out there who are struggling to enhance their beauty.

Also working with the body to show art that conveys a message, might it be cultural and this is usually for films. With hard work and perseverance a nobody can be someone better if you allow the process of leaning.

It does not matter how you start but what you are doing each and everyday to make everything better. The best skills you can learn from makeup that also applies in our day to day life is to be patient. Good things do not fall in one day but it comes with hard work and a committed character.

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