A TALE OF TWO COACHES: Game bigger than three points, says Chitembwe

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A TALE OF TWO COACHES: Game bigger than three points, says Chitembwe

The Sunday Mail

Lloyd Chitembwe Caps United Coach
BEING someone who at some point participated as a player in these derbies, you realise that when you play Dynamos there is always something to play for.

There is the reputation at stake and the desire to do whatever it takes to make sure you protect that reputation.

And if we talk about form, yes they (Dynamos) have started a bit low, but as far as I am concerned it’s not about three points that is at stake, neither is it about form.

Form does not matter in such games, but the fixture in itself has a lot of bearing on both set of teams.

When Dynamos and Caps United play there is that pride within the teams, there is that pride within the whole group that pushes you to dominate in a derby.

You also look at the bigger picture which is the club and I am sure there is a lot of legacy to be protected, and this is what it is about when you talk about these institutions.

There are so many things to consider in these kind of games.

I am sure as a team we are ready, we are prepared, we know our responsibilities when we take to the field, and we are so certain of how we are to execute our plans against Dynamos.

It is very important that we do it with efficiency.

It’s a bit sentimental to think players that only have come through the system understand what it means to play in a derby, I am sure it’s about players realising what it is like to play at this level of the game and playing in such games.

I believe that once one puts on the kit, he realises what it means to play for Caps United and to play at this level.

It is the kind of euphoria that is created when you walk in the street of Harare, it is what is being said about these two teams in terms of the legacy, in-terms of previous encounters that motivates players to want to do more for their respective clubs.

I think naturally players have that in them, the desire to want to be seen winning matches, desire to be seen winning such duels.

As for us coaches, you realise that the coaching job is never easy, no matter at what level of the game it’s never easy, because you always have the responsibility to manage the motivation, and it is difficult to manage the motivation, especially in matches like these when players know what is at stake.

We lost about six key players at the end of the year and that kills the momentum, but I am happy with how the new players have been responding and soon we will be where we want to be.

We are gradually getting there.

Caps United coach Lloyd Chitembwe made these remarks to The Sunday Mail Sports Reporter Don Makanyanga in Harare on April, 19 2018.


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