A story of love & netball

17 Mar, 2019 - 00:03 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze

CHRISTOPHER TEMBO loves netball and the game has given him nothing but love too.

It was during one of his routine visits to a netball venue that he met the love of his life Morah back in 1973.

“I met my wife while she was playing netball one Sunday afternoon, in Inyati,” revealed the Zimbabwe Netball Association vice president.

“I still remember instantly falling in love after seeing her in a green uniform complete with her wing defence bib.

“The courtship took some time as she played hard to get. It took some thinking outside the box for me to convince her to give me a chance.

“I decided to overplay my love for netball and the plan worked because we became closer before she decided to give me a chance.”

Tembo, a former Zimbabwe Football Association employee, has been Zina vice president for 16 years.

But for all that he has achieved in netball Tembo believes the impending visit to the netball World Cup will be his crowning moment.

The World Cup finals are scheduled for July 12 to 21 at Echo Arena, Liverpool England.

Zimbabwe are in the same group as defending champions Australia, Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland.

“It’s a dream come true, going to the World Cup is the biggest honour we can get,” said Tembo.

“I just pray that the team will make the best of this chance. Yes, we have been grouped together with some global giants but we need not be afraid.

“There is no longer a small team in netball as the sport has changed tremendously over the last couple of decades.

“On the administrative side we need to learn as much as possible from out participation at the World Cup so that Zimbabwe becomes a regular feature at the global showcase.”

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