A special place in Kadoma

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A special place in Kadoma

Andrew Mangwarara

THIS week, we profile the garden at the Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre, formerly known as the Ranch Motel.

The 147-room hotel, with a home style design, was built in 1952.

The garden provides a great refreshing environment right from the entrance. The lush green lawn entices you, as you drive past — along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway. The reception area welcomes visitors with a grand mix of palms, trees and a well-manicured driveway.

Sitting areas under the shade invite you to relax, even before you officially book at the hotel.

White pots contribute to the garden’s beauty.  Similarly, you are stopped in your tracks when you come across beautiful peafowls, exotic birds from India.

Their colourful feathers add life to the place.

Walking past the different hotel homes, you are sure not to miss the ancient railway locomotive that has become an iconic feature. It evokes nostalgia.

As you stroll around the hotel, you are pleasantly surprised by the immensity of the place.  Destination Zimbabwe is indeed endowed.

After the reception, located outside, is the swimming pool and braai area. It is a great place to unwind. An outstanding feature nearby is the long pergola with a grapevine adorning its trusses.

Another interesting feature is the bright-coloured playground for children.

What generally makes a garden enjoyable is tranquillity. This aspect is found here.

Proper lighting in the garden makes the expanse of space work well at night. Lighting is an important part of beauty and security.

Ancient plants like cycads add age to any place. They are a worthwhile inclusion if you want to bring maturity to a place, as is the case here.

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