‘A reality that cannot be wished away’

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‘A reality that cannot be wished away’ VP Mnangagwa

The Sunday Mail

Harmony Agere
Vice President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has scoffed at reports by the private media that Zanu PF is divided.
He said the reality is that the ruling party is united and therefore contrary reports are informed by denial.
Addressing attendants at the fundraising dinner dance for Zanu PF’s national people’s conference on Friday, VP Mnangagwa said those who are peddling the falsehoods are desperately trying to portray the country as a nation in immense crisis.
The VP said Zanu PF remains resolute in ensuring national economic growth and economic empowerment for all.
“Since the watershed 6th National People’s Congress that was held in December 2014, and indeed as the curtain comes down for 2015; it is disheartening that the media has been awash with discourse that seeks to portray Zanu PF as weak and divided. The country has also been portrayed as facing a crisis of immense proportions,” he said.
“There is no doubt that this warped analysis is not only wrong, misplaced and misinformed but that it is equally mischievous. It is based on attitudes and views that are informed by a litany of denials of reality, takabatana, tinodana,” said Cde Mnangagwa to wild applause.
“I wish to state that Zanu PF is a reality and that we are a fact of life that cannot be wished away. We in the party are fully aware of our detractors who do not wish us well. I would like to assure you that the party remains strong and it will not be sidetracked from its course of ensuring economic growth and economic empowerment for all.
VP Mnangagwa said Zanu PF values stability and engagement with the business community as this ensures development in the country.
“Your presence here tonight and your generous donations attest to the confidence you continue to have in the party and its ability to steer the nation into a prosperous, stable and united Zimbabwe, with a conducive environment for investment and productivity anchored on research and development,” he said.
“Let me assure you that the party ascribes great importance to stability and predictability of socio-political and economic policies as a pre-requisite for sustainable business and economic growth.
“To this end, all efforts will be made, even during this year’s 15th National People’s Conference, to evaluate and review policies taking into account the interests of all sectors of our society, including the business sector.”
He also said Government has made plans to make quick economic gains.
“Government is currently taking initiatives to improve the country’s business environment. These include the Ease of Doing Business Reforms under the Rapid Results Approach Framework which seeks to tackle issues to improve the business environment within 100 days,” he said.
The VP went on to castigate corruption saying the scourge is curtailing Government’s efforts to turn around the economy.
Meanwhile, an auction of President Mugabe’s portraits held at the event racked in over US$5 000.

Development journalism way to go

Sunday Mail Reporter
Zanu-PF has called on the private media to put a stop to their relentless attacks on the First Lady, saying the bulk of such reports are based on falsehoods.
Speaking to The Sunday Mail yesterday, Zanu PF National Secretary for Information and Publicity, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said the private media should exert their energy on contributing to nation building and economic growth instead of harping on fabricated allusions.
Ambassador Khayo Moyo said recent suggestions by the private media that the First Lady is leading a faction are laughable postulations that should be dismissed with contempt.
“The private media continues relentless on a warpath against PF and its leadership on a daily basis. One would have expected them to spend their energies contributing to nation building,” he said.
“A responsible media would cover acres of its space on how to grow the economy for the benefit of all.
“But not in Zimbabwe where freedom of expression is taken by the private media as an opportunity to cause duress and chaos in the country.
“The stories are anchored on falsehoods as a rule. We have responded to these falsehoods to no avail. Of late, the focus is on the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe. They have been falsely accusing her of leading a faction in Zanu PF. For the record, let it be known that the First Lady is secretary for women’s league in Zanu PF. The women’s league is not a faction but a wing of Zanu PF, just like the youth league.
Ambassador Khayo Moyo said Zanu PF’s constitution abhors factionalism.
“To confuse the wing of a party with a faction is deplorable.
“The First Lady is the wife of President Mugabe who leads Zanu PF. To claim that she heads a faction is not only demeaning to her but implies that President RG Mugabe has a faction. This is nonsensical.”
He went on to call for unity of purpose.
“As responsible citizens, let us all focus on unity, peace and development. We all yearn for economic development hence the implementation of Zim Asset. We should remain one people.”


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