A Paul & Champ affair

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A Paul & Champ affair

The Sunday Mail

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PAUL GOREDEMA is the reigning Mr Zimbabwe and is looking on point ahead of next weekend’s competition in the capital.

Champion Chienderamwano is a former Mr Zimbabwe, he won it thrice in a row before sitting out last year’s edition due to a shoulder injury.

Chienderamwano reckons the gong Goredema has rightfully belongs to him and he is making no apologies for stating the “obvious”.

The country’s premier bodybuilding competition takes place on Saturday at the 7 Arts Theatre with prejudging set for Profitness Health Club.

While scores of bodybuilders are once again expected to come and take a shot at the gong the battle in the men’s category looks set to be a two-hulk showdown between Goredema and Chienderamwano.

A fortnight ago Chienderamwano posted a picture of his forearm – full of definition and veins – on Facebook and threw some shade to go with it.

“I am coming to get what rightfully belongs to me,” he posted.

And the man was still not pulling any punches when this publication interviewed him from his Gaborone base last week.

“When people hate you in life because of what you have achieved they are bound to accuse you of all sorts of things, including talking too much,” said Chienderamwano.

“However, when I say I am coming to get what belongs to me I will be stating a fact and for that I make no apologies.

“I didn’t lose the Mr Zimbabwe title last year, I gave it to whoever won last year and that is why am saying now am coming back to get what rightfully belongs to me.

“I have been on a diet since June, working hard on my comeback and I am happy with how everything is shaping up. The champ is back!”

And do you feel this a Champion versus Paul affair?

“Look, I don’t want to sound rude but to be frank I don’t know who Paul is. What I know is I beat the guy in 2015,” said Chienderamwano, who interestingly handed over the trophy and embraced Goredema last year.

The trash talking that has been coming out of Botswana has not escaped the attention of Goredema, the Gweru- based muscleman who placed third at this year’s Arnolds Classic Africa competition.

The defending champion says Chienderamwano will have to earn the crown, not talk his way to glory.

“The hour will come for the nation to know who the real Mr Zim is. We can talk and talk but the moment we get on that stage it will be time to walk the walk. The best man will take that trophy home,” said Goredema.

“Champion has been talking a lot but what he needs to understand is that I earned this title and he has to earn it too.

“It’s not going to be handed over to him like it’s his property. If this trophy was his like he says I wouldn’t be having it. It’s mine and I intend to defend it.”

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