A new Gospel of Vengeance

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A new Gospel of Vengeance

The Sunday Mail

There is a new breed of Christian prophet in town.

He does not care that Exodus 20:13 commands against murder, nor that Romans 12:19 counsels against seeking revenge.

He is called the “return to sender” prophet. And his core business is spreading a new “Gospel of Vengeance” by encouraging followers to retaliate when they think someone has done them wrong.

Advocating for an eye for an eye, thousands have embraced them and their dark arts.

Thieves must suffer, would-be murderers must be killed, and adulterers either “get locked” together during intimacy or alternatively wake up to discover their private parts are missing.

Recently, a cattle rustler is said to have died whilst mooing like a cow and excreting dung after a prophet performed rituals on a follower’s behalf.

Pictures of a man who developed breasts after cheating with a married woman have been widely circulated.

The men behind this boast of their prowess and make good money for their services.

On national radio, Madzibaba Strive Masango of Kubata Kwevapostori Faith Church said evil spirits must be sent back to the people who summoned them.

“The Bible is very clear on that one: An eye for an eye. You must not allow your tormentor or those who bewitch you to live. Thieves, adulterers and witches must be punished severely,” the prophet bellowed.

He often brags that wizards and witches fear him.

Madzibaba Masango has added glamour to his crusade by getting musicians like Matthias Mhere to perform for his followers at his “One Night Go Back to Sender” event.

Other gospel musicians like Kudzi Nyakudya, Vabati vaJehovah and Kubata Kwevapositori also took to the stage.

Madzibaba Masango has a strong social media presence and employs a manager to run his affairs.

Not to be left out is Bishop Oliver Magaso of Spiritual Shield Apostolic Church.

Large crowds are a permanent feature at his shrine, with multitudes seeking not grace, but revenge.

Madzibaba Stephen (Stephen Mugariri) of Johane Masowe YeChishanu is known for his “central locking” of cheating spouses.

He says he does it to combat the spread of HIV and Aids, and the rise of infidelity.

“The Bible is clear on that one. Those that sin must be punished until they confess and will then be forgiven. Sinners must also feel the pain that their victims would have suffered,” Madzibaba Stephen says.

He claims to help bring back “lost” lovers.

Harare-based spiritualist and traditional healer Sekuru Kamwelo Banda practices the act of “sending back” evil spirits but says this should never result in death.

“God forbids killing. Basically, what I do is that I punish thieves and adulterers and force them to mend their ways and to return the things they would have stolen. I am against the spilling of blood,” says Sekuru Banda, who also says he is a Muslim.

“Those that would have sinned will have strange dreams or hear voices commanding them to return the things they might have stolen. I am also capable of sending baboons to instill fear into thieves so that they return their loot.”

But Pastor Emmerson Fundira of Jehovah Sharma Ministries says “sending back” evil spirits is evil and not based on biblical teachings.

“These so-called prophets are magicians and sorcerers who are claiming to be Christians. The Bible speaks against seeking revenge and the use of magic. People are being fooled and led astray,” Pr Fundira contends.

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