A new chapter for Zim: Apostle Fresh

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A new chapter for Zim: Apostle Fresh Apostle Fresh

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Founder of Assigned Ministers Ministries International Apostle Freshman Gwasira (FG), says the LORD reveals Himself to him through visions and when He does that, he is like the sons of Issachar who understood the times and gave advise on what Israel should do or not do. He recently spoke with Tendai Manzvanzvike (TM) on what he termed were good tidings for Zimbabwe.

TM: Apostle, you say you’ve good news for the nation during such challenging times. What is it?

FG: Since October, God has been talking about restoring the country, that is bringing back its pride; building its infrastructure, causing our leaders to have a mind-set of making good decisions to ensure that the Zimbabwe we have been waiting for, the Zimbabwe that was before is restored. So, these are good tidings.

TM: We’ve heard this before. Why should people believe that Zimbabwe is surely going to rise and shine?

FG: I’ll take you back a bit. A few months ago, I was praying for the nation, and I asked God for direction as far as Zimbabwe is concerned.

The Lord said to me: “Many times it has been said that prophets have arisen in our nation, and they’ve actually castigated the nation and told the people that they’ve sinned. That’s why they’re going through what they’re going through.”

The Lord said, “go back to the people and tell them that Zimbabwe has not sinned to the level where I would punish them forever. This is not a punishment. This is a test – a prolonged test that I’m giving to the people, but now I’m getting the nation out of that predicament.”

TM: When you talk about sinning, the blame is usually apportioned on the leadership. Your comments?

FG: It was very interesting that God started showing me a lot of things that are going on in the world. We are a peace-loving people. Thus we shall not point at our leaders and say that there probably is something that they have done. We just need to see that there are other nations that have done serious stuff, but they are doing very well economically.

TM: Like Rwanda?

FG: Yes. So, my call is to make the people of God realise that it’s a test. In the Old Testament we see that God would allow certain tests to come to people that He loves.

TM: Like He did with Job?

FG: Job struggled for months. Abraham waited for a child for years. You can see that God allows tests for some people, but now God is bringing restoration to the people of our nation, and they will be doubled because of what they have gone through.

What I heard God say is, “Tell the people that what they have been planting is now coming out sweet.” And He said, go tell them the same thing that you’ve seen. I’m going to ensure that what they planted for years is going to come out sweet. That was in September.

As we went into October, certain things were beginning to take shape towards where we are going, as God said.

TM: So, you started seeing the word of God come to pass?

FG: Yes. When I gave the word, we started praying that God must help our leaders pass decisions that are going to change and come pari-passu with what He is saying.

We started to see money launderers and others being curbed – things that show that there is a movement. And just recently, we started hearing that African leaders are coming together and saying, why these sanctions on Zimbabwe?

Were they not seeing all along that we are sanctioned? What has happened all of a sudden that people are beginning to say: “What is this on Zimbabwe? Can this thing be removed, please?”

We’re seeing that there is cooperation because God is about to do something. God is saying to them, you better be ready, and tag yourselves with these people because they’re going far.

The Lord also said that what was difficult before is going to be so easy for you people. We’re seeing that we have been trying to get these people to come on board to just listen to our story, but it was difficult. But now, we just speak and they say they are rallying behind us. They are ready!

TM: Apostle, still some will say this is Freshman Gwasira speaking, not God?

FG: As you know, for the first time, the State House (last month) became a chapel to call on the name of the Lord. How best could we describe what God is doing – bringing people together at State House and they’re lifting their voices from where decisions are arising from?

And, we can see that a lot of things have just begun to change. We can simply say that God will wait until everybody has spoken, and then He speaks last. That’s what I like about God. In a world of many voices, He speaks once, and when He speaks once, we hear twice.

This is what is happening. The first time is that you hear audibly, and the second time is that you see with your eyes as Job says, “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.” (Job 42:5, NKJV)

TM: And your forthcoming crusade? What is it about?

FG: God gave us a platform to gather at City Sports Centre on November 9. Thus we’re inviting all pastors and every Zimbabwean to find themselves in that place so that we can, with one voice decree and declare – because all the pastors are going to be given an opportunity to speak into the atmosphere.


We believe that words are not just sound, words are actually material that God uses to construct certain things. So, when God wants to do something, He uses man. In Ezekiel 22:30 He says, “I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land…”

So, we’re inviting all the church leaders to come and speak a word towards what God wants to do in this land because He says, from October, November, December – watch what I’m going to do.

TM: Some men and women of God might say, why go when we can speak from our churches, houses, etc? Why should I be in that place?

FG: If we look at the Old Testament, prophet Elijah was assigned to stop the rains because people had gone astray, but when God wanted to release the rains, He didn’t do it privately.

God ordered him to call the nation to come together. Unfortunately, people could not stand with him. But when God speaks, whatever He says will come to pass. Thus it is very important that the church comes together. (Psalms 133)

And, we’re bringing our flag, as we’ll lift the flag one more time because God wants to restore the nation, so that other nations see that this was the nation that was trodden underfoot, but the Lord is doing a new thing, and He is bringing a new Zimbabwe.

Coupled with that, the few weeks I was praying, I saw our President (Mnangagwa) going into a house of honour, and God said, “I’m doing a new thing through this man”.

Now, it’s time to believe because God says if you believe in Him, He will establish you. (1Peter 5:10) But if you believe the prophetic or the prophets you prosper. God is restoring Zimbabwe, making it the breadbasket for Africa.

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