A need for mercy

13 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views
A need for mercy

The Sunday Mail

Khulekani Ndlovu, Form 4
Marondera High School

Blow winds blow , from pastures to deserts

Fly birds fly, from lowlands to highlands
Let your silent whispers carry my malevolent message

Let your melodies ascend with my prayers to the heavens

Wave trees wave, from the right to the left

Let your swaying motion hum my pains for my kingdom of nature


Red soils comfort my heel, fear punctures my motion

Gather into a red carpet for my tender feet to tread upon

Green trees shake your children, anger burns my joy

Weave into a green fan and drive away the sinking heat

Chromatic flowers let your petals hug me, my sorrow smells

Gather into a chrome bouquet and shower me with scents

I await your tears dear sky

Let your raindrops soothe me and fill my drying rivers

Of humanity and love extremity

I await your smiles dear sun

Let your light locate my path and bloom my succumbing flowers

Of hope, care and a truthful tongue

I await your storms dear clouds

Let your thunder strike my fears and awaken my sleeping dreams

Of a dancing future and singing success


My kingdom is declining I ask for your mercies

Hunger is flowing out of my palace because of your ignorance

Why are you cutting my trunk of patience ?

Why are your burning down my love for beauty?

Nature is my kingdom, the spring of all life

Destroy it and you are digging a mass grave

The queen has spoken!

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