A Mad Sunday with a difference…plays host to Mike Chimombe’s all black party

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A Mad Sunday with a difference…plays host to Mike Chimombe’s all black party

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Since inception in 2007, Judgement Yard’s Mad Sundays have grown to become the ultimate dancehall party experience on the capital’s club scene.

Over the years, these famous sessions have revolved around various nightspots, including Red Fox Hotel, The Volt and Inakis, to name a few.

Judgement Yard Family, which is made up of DJ Flevah, Etherton Beenie, DJ Two Bad, Skatta and Tawarstock, is not just popular for their prowess behind the decks, but their captivating mixtapes have played a part in pushing their brand.

Judgement Yard

Judgement Yard

This weekend’s Mad Sunday will be a bit special as it plays host to Mike Chimombe’s All-Black Party at Club Sankayi, with Judgement Yard set to do a live recording for a new mixtape on the night.

The prospect of new material from the DJ outfit will be sweet news to dancehall fans as it has been a while since they released any live recorded session.

Meanwhile, with the birthday boy being a prominent lawyer, businessman and also a popular figure on the capital’s social scene, his party is set to be characterised by glitz and glam.

Chimombe, who also happens to be the Affirmative Action Group’s president for Mashonaland West Chapter, is not shy of flaunting his wealth when the opportunity presents itself and many socialites are already bracing for the champagne showers that will be raining come Sunday.

Mike Chimombe with Ginimbi

Mike Chimombe with Ginimbi

With circle of friends that includes Ginimbi, Albert Ndabambi, Chief J and the Power Circle who are all among some of the biggest spenders in Harare, one can only imagine the extravagance characteristic of the guest list.

Power Circle

Power Circle

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society, Judgement Yard’s DJ Flevah said this weekend’s Mad Sunday was going to be an explosive affair which was not to be missed.

“Many people are familiar with Ginimbi’s all-white parties and this time around Mike has decided to go with the all-black theme, but what I can assure you is that the vibe will still be the same,” he said.

“These guys throw some of the best parties in the country and this one will be no different and will probably even be better than previous ones.”

He said that they had decided to record a special mixtape on the night as a tribute to Mike Chimombe on his big day.

“We have not released any mixtape in a while, so we have decided to do a live recording on Sunday as we celebrate Mike’s birthday.

“There is going to be a lot of new music on this one and since it’s a birthday party, we will not just be sticking to reggae music, but will try and make it a mixed bag so that everyone gets to enjoy.

“This mixtape will also give some of our fans who do not come to our sessions but listen to our mixtapes an opportunity to get a taste of the new talent that we have on the group.”

Youths, Sports, Arts and Recreation Minister Kazambe Kazembe is set to grace the event as the guest of honour.

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