A bright future beckons for Zaka folk

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A bright future beckons for Zaka folk

The Sunday Mail

A ray of hope is shining for villagers in drought-prone Zaka District following the resounding victory of Zanu-PF candidates in the just-ended harmonised elections.

The ruling party convincingly won the Zaka East, Central, West and North National Assembly seats.

Villagers said the winning Zanu-PF candidates have been given the opportunity to see to it that the projects they initiated before and during the election campaign season will be continued.

“A number of income-generating projects that were initiated by the ruling party are currently underway. The victory of Zanu-PF candidates means that these projects will be pursued without further hindrance. A bright future is beckoning for Zaka folks,” said Charles Muwori, a Zanu-PF supporter.

The mountainous Zaka district receives erratic rainfall and has very poor soils.

Cde Ophias Murambiwa, who romped to victory in Zaka East, attributed the victory to a number of factors.

“First and foremost, we have been visible on the ground as we mobilised support. Secondly, the electorate has faith in us since we are known to deliver. The income-generating projects that we initiated endeared us to the voters,” Cde Murambiwa said.

He added: “Since we have been given the mandate to continue with the projects that we initiated, there is renewed hope for a better future.”

Apart from the rehabilitation of roads, Cde Murambiwa said access to clean water has been a major challenge in his constituency.

“The majority of the people who reside in Ward 27 and 29 do not have access to clean water. They are reliant on water from rivers and I want to make sure that more boreholes are drilled in these wards,” added Cde Murambiwa.

According to Cde Murambiwa, a number of schools in the area are yet to have electricity connections.

“I am going to fight tooth and nail until the already electrified school get connected. I am going to sit down with school heads and map a way forward,” said Cde Murambiwa.

Cde Davison Svuure, who emerged the winner in Zaka Central, wants to improve the food security situation in his constituency.

“In my constituency, we have four dams that we can turn into a lifeline for our people. Very soon, work is going to start for the resuscitation of the Fuve-Panganai irrigation scheme,” Cde Svuure said.

Major rivers such as Shange, Chivake and Mushavhukwi flows through Zaka.

Cde Svuure said he intends to enhance the life skills of women and the youths.

“We have two vocational training centres that we are going to revive. We are going to introduce agriculture, carpentry, welding and poultry rearing projects, among others. Unlike other areas, we have the infrastructure,” Cde Svuure added.

He said the electorate was charmed by the ruling party’s clear policies.

“If you look at our manifesto, it clearly states what we want to achieve.

“Zanu-PF sets realistic goals that are achievable. The electorate weighed their options and voted us into power,” Cde Svuure said.

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