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‘16 reasons why Mliswa was booted out’

19 Oct, 2014 - 06:10 0 Views
‘16 reasons why Mliswa was booted out’ Mr Mliswa

The Sunday Mail

This Press statement is to set the record straight as regards Cde Temba Mliswa’s status in the Party, particularly the Zanu-PF chairmanship for Mashonaland West province.

What has been reported in the private media about the constitutionality and effect of the vote of no confidence against Cde Mliswa is wrong and misfounded.

The vote of no confidence against Cde Mliswa was passed in accordance with Article 29:251 of the Zanu-PF constitution, which states that “a motion of no confidence shall be by a simple majority of all members of the appropriate organ”, in this case the provincial executive committee (PEC).

More than 26 members of the PEC passed the vote against Cde Mliswa and, as such, he was constitutionally relieved of his duties as the Zanu-PF Mashonaland West province chairman.

Anything and everything the former chairman purported to do after October 9 in his former capacity is of no force or effect because the decision to excuse him from the chairmanship is final and irreversible.

We note that Cde Mliswa continues to defy the decision constitutionally arrived at by issuing Press statements and portraying himself as our chairman. He is no longer our chairman and, as such, has no mandate to execute any activities and/or duties associated or incidental to the chairmanship of Zanu-PF Mashonaland West province.

Further, Cde Mliswa has desperately but vainly tried to disregard our lawful decision by using the private Press as his mouth-piece even though no official correspondence has been received back from the Party despite the fact that our letters and minutes regarding our vote of no confidence were submitted to all relevant offices this past Monday (13 October 2014).

He has even tried to follow First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe to almost all her rallies, not in solidarity, but in a bid to only be introduced as the provincial chairman for Mashonaland West yet the province kicked him out after he put the name of the Party into disrepute and almost destroyed the Party by dining and wining with our detractors.

It is noteworthy that this ploy was discovered and he was not introduced at the First Lady’s last rallies.

Cde Rugare Gumbo commented to the Daily News over the weekend before actual correspondence had been submitted to the relevant offices.

Moreover, it is our belief and understanding that Cde Gumbo jumped the gun and was only supposed to comment after the relevant offices had received our letters whereafter the National Chairman and Zanu-PF secretary for administration would have directed the spokesperson to issue a Press statement of that magnitude.

Moreover, we even consulted Politburo members from our province on whether any resolutions were passed by the Politburo in respect of this issue and were advised that nothing of the sort was ever discussed. There was thus no basis for Cde Gumbo to issue that Press statement. We followed procedure to the letter and spirit and the decision to give Cde Mliswa the boot from our province stands and is binding. It is embarrassing on his part because he has used the Daily News to publish an article stating that our vote of no confidence is null and void. Is the Daily News the secretary for administration or the National Chairman of the Party?

What standing does that publication have in the Party structures?

None. How desperate can one be? More so, the only office that can resolve to that effect is the national office.

It was sheer folly on his part because the article was speculative in that it was published without the actual facts and, therefore, cannot be taken to have any authenticity since no third party had actually received any correspondence from our PEC before the article was published.

How then could one make a report or comment on the issue without the facts of the matter, in black and white, being presented to them?

Furthermore, our PEC has not received any species of communication from any relevant office that received our irreversible decision to pass a vote of no confidence on Cde Mliswa and, therefore, no such comment from Cde Gumbo or Cde Mliswa is of any force and/or effect.

What further irks us is that Cde Mliswa has subjected our province to further embarrassment by claiming that his vote of no confidence was instigated by our seniors, calling various Politburo members names, yet he has completely lost the confidence of the people at the grassroots, who are the very people who have elected each and every one of us who serve in the provincial executive.

The very organ which is affected resolved to pass a vote of no confidence against Cde Mliswa.

Reasons for kicking him out are clearly spelt out in the minutes and letters to the relevant offices in the Party. For your own information, some of them are stated below:

(a) His embarrassing association with alleged CIA agents and his instruction to party members in Hurungwe West constituency not to say “Pamberi neZanu-PF” in the presence of a CIA agent, Mr Eric Little. This proved that he is a sellout and very unprincipled especially where money is involved.

(b) Cde Mliswa threatened commercial white farmers with eviction by day but under the cover of darkness went to collect protection fees from the same farmers contrary to the Party’s policies and principles.

(c) His soliciting of donations particularly from commercial white farmers without the knowledge of the executive.

(d) He forced executive members to endorse the Presidium contrary to the Party’s constitution which states that there is no Presidium outside of Congress.

(e) Cde Mliswa denied the Women’s and Youth leagues space to run their affairs, thereby stifling them and the Party’s consolidation of its support base in the province.

(f) Interference, victimisation and intimidation of the Youth and Women’s Leagues as well as individuals in the executive.

(g) He continuously doctored and altered minutes of our meetings and resolutions to suit his own agenda.

(h) Cde Mliswa’s running of Party affairs as a lone ranger without involving the executive at all.

(i) Moving and seconding own motions and imposing them as resolutions in total disregard of the Party constitution.

(j) Insulting, berating and castigating Members of Parliament, Politburo members and Central Committee members who did not support him. This is done almost all the time members are in a meeting.

(k) Forcing members to endure 18-hour long meetings wherein he is the only one who spoke.

(l) Tormenting members in every meeting to the extent that almost all the meetings end prematurely and in fights and hurling of insults such that nothing productive came out of the meetings we had.

(m) Abusing Cde D.N.E. Mutasa’s name by always forcing members to agree with his decisions and/or reasoning because he says he would have consulted “Sekuru Mutasa”.

(n) Disrespect for senior Party members and comrades.

(o) The general administration of Party meetings that constantly degenerated into chaos due to his dictatorial tendencies.

(p) The chairman’s anger and outburst towards Zvimba for endorsing the President and First Secretary of the Party instead of the Presidium, which is contrary to the party Constitution which categorically states that there is no such thing as the Presidium outside of Congress.

Let it be clear that Cde Mliswa is no longer the legitimate chairman for Zanu-PF in Mashonaland West province. He must respect our decision if he truly is Zanu-PF. He must respect our seniors if he truly is Zanu-PF. He must not bring our Party into disrepute if he is truly Zanu-PF.

We, as Mashonaland West province, will not accept a chairman who brings our Party into disrepute and subjects the entire electorate from the grassroots to the top to any factionalism.

We say down with factionalism!

And forward with Zanu-PF and Cde R. G. Mugabe as our President and First Secretary.

By Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi is Zvimba West Member of the National Assembly and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs.

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