Zim plunged into mourning as Cde Chinx passes on

Tinashe Farawo and Mtandazo Dube
AS Zimbabweans mourn the death of liberation fighter and renowned musician, Dickson Chingaira, popularly known as Cde Chinx, the Zanu-PF Harare Province has taken the lead in recommending that he be declared a National Hero.

Cde Chinx died at a private hospital in Harare last Friday night after a long battle with cancer.

He was 61.

Zanu- PF Harare provincial commissar, Cde Shadreck Mashayamombe said they had met and recommended Cde Chinx to be declared a National Hero.

“We have met as a province in the afternoon (yesterday) and we all agreed that Cde Chinx is a National Hero.

“So we are going to write our recommendations to the national leadership.

“By tomorrow morning (today) Cde Chombo (Ignatius, Zanu-PF National secretary for administration) will have our request on his desk.

“Actually we have also consulted with the war veterans and it was unanimous. His contribution before and after independence is not in doubt, he did his best to fight for this country.

“His music played a very important role in uplifting the spirits of the fighters during the struggle. Even after independence especially on the turn of the millennium at the height of the third Chimurenga, it was Cde Chinx, our hero who rallied behind the masses in reclaiming our land through music.”

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe deputy director, Nicholas Moyo said Zimbabwe was poorer without the legendary musician who was dedicated to his music.

“We are poorer as a nation. We have lost a hero, a legend who was steadfast in his beliefs from the liberation struggle and throughout his professional and personal life,” he said.

“What saddens us more is that this tragedy comes just weeks after the arts fraternity rallied behind Zima to celebrate the gift of a house they built for him.

“However, we celebrate Cde Chinx’s life and what he stood for.

“Even in this dark moment we celebrate him and his works. He was a humble man.”

Zimbabwe Music Awards chairperson, Mr Joseph Nyadzayo told The Sunday Mail that, Government and Zanu-PF must consider according the veteran musician National Heroes status.

“To us we consider him as having delivered the most in terms of nation building through music,” said Mr Nyadzayo.

“He was consistent and we therefore ask the party and Government to consider that sacred honour of declaring him a National Hero.

“To us he is a people’s choice, this unfortunate event to us is no longer a funeral but a celebration of life. I think we have parted with him well. He is someone who has delivered the best he could.

“The man was patriotic and progressive using the simplest of all means, his voice.”

Music critic, Professor Fred Zindi described Cde Chinx as a pioneer and unifier.

“I believe he should be buried at the National Heroes Acre. He deserves it.

“The fact that he declared himself as a Zanu- PF person never stopped people from loving him. He appealed to everyone.

“There is no doubt that he was a motivator during the liberation struggle and remained like that after independence.

“He is one of the few ex-combatants who were proud to be called comrade. We will miss him,” he said.

Family spokesperson, Mrs Moleen Tarumbwa-Moyo said burial arrangements will be announced in due course as the family is waiting other for relatives who are outside the country to arrive.

She described the veteran musician as a family hero.

“We are hard hit. We believed that he would get out of hospital as he has done before,” she said.

“When they put him on life support recently we became worried, but hopeful.

“He helped the family. I am at the teacher’s college right now because of him. He was a father figure and a family hero.”

Mourners are gathered at Cde Chinx’s Sentosa home in Mablereign


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  • gerro

    Zorororayi murugare rwa Ishe wedu..comrade zvadzimba😢

    • Zvobgo

      Raising your political voices over a realistic family tragedy.
      When he was
      sick and dying why didn’t you send him to Singapore and Malaysia like the commander of chief?
      If at all you truly love him?

      Stop shedding water as tears.

      Now he is a (dead) hero when he lived as a pauper?

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Gone too soon, cde. An unquestionable TRUE HERO of the struggle for Zimbabwe. The majority of our people are well acquainted with your heroic deeds during and after the liberation struggle. Go well and rest in peace.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Revolutionary farewell Cde. A lugubrious moment for us all. Cde Chinx rest in peace.

    • Zvobgo

      Fred Zindi seems to be saying if one loves Zanu pee eff they have signed a “hate me” form!
      Is this why the reporter tried hard to hide Chinx’s fashionable Gushungo label berret?

    • Zvobgo

      A single trip to Singapori would have seen him smiling today


    Zvikomborero to Zimbabwe. RIP Comrade.

  • Munya Murombe

    Go well Cde Chinx….the People’s Hero…..your vocals united the people of Zimbabwe and you were such a likeable character. Basa makasiya mapedza Comrade. Fambai Zvakanaka…… we will always love you and your music!

  • Mhofu Chaiyo

    Will miss you Cde Zvikomborero Nerudo! The man was so inspiring. MHSRIP.

  • Pretty

    Go well Cde. Thanks for all you did.

  • Tonderayi Chanakira


  • Zvobgo

    Is Fred Zindi saying if one loves Zanu pee eff they are signing a “hate me” form?
    Usadheeerere Comured Chinx shefu

  • Twimbo!

    Neglect your “heroes” vachiri vapenyu mozochema vafa, ka government kacho as usual.

  • Fresh Prince of Gokwe

    A real hero for a change !!!

  • T_Bagwell