Zifa promises clean financial act

Zifa promises clean financial act

THE last time the Warriors played at home, a stinking financial exploded with the previous Zifa board accused of doctoring figures to cover up for gross financial misappropriation.

Now as the Warriors get ready to face Swaziland with a massive crowd expected to come and urge the boys on at the National Sports Stadium, all eyes are on Phillip Chiyangwa and his board.

After being elected into office on the back of pledges to clean the mess at 53 Livingstone Avenue as well as the system, Chiyangwa and his team have a chance to walk their talk.

Yesterday, the Zifa board member for finance Phillemon Machana promised a clean financial act.

“We are fully aware of the accusations that flew around after the home game against Guinea. Yes, we were not yet in office then but we know about it as well as the effect that scandal had on our relationship with some partners,” he said.

“The Zifa president Dr Chiyangwa has tasked me to ensure that everything is done above board and we have been working round the clock to put in place systems that should bring confidence to the corporate world as well as our supporters.

“Gone are the days when bouncers used to man the gates and had a say on who pays and who does not pay to enter the stadium, we have hired professionals to do the job.”

Machana disclosed that Zifa is also exploring the possibility of providing match day hospitality services as part of a drive aimed at boosting the association’s coffers.

“We know that some fans argue that they cannot come to the stadium early because there will be nothing to entertain them prior to kick off and we have gone out of our way to address that.

“Sulumani Chimbetu and Andy Muridzo have been contracted to provide entertainment.

“We are urging the fans to come and support the boys. The money we will earn from this game will be fully accounted for and our desire is to channel most of it to the players because they are the ones who sweat it out in defence of the nation.

“Instead of going to promote a retail outlet or a drinking spot that is close to the stadium, we urge our supporters to come and have their braai and drinks at the match venue and help us raise some money to reward the boys,” said Machana.

In the build up to the Mighty Warriors’ showdown against Tanzania last weekend, Chiyangwa promised that the girls would share the money earned from the gates.

However, the Zifa boss was left seething after service providers, including the Harare City Council and the Sports and Recreation Commission, smiled all the way to the bank at the expense of coach Shadreck Mlauzi and his team.

“We promised the players that they will get all the gate takings and suddenly I am told that there is nothing left because the money went to the City Council, some went to the Sports Commission…this is just not right,” Chiyangwa was quoted as saying during the week.

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  • Zvichapera

    Clean financial act? You start again spreading falsehoods. Thugs can not promise clean financial act. Time will tell.