‘We will pull out of United Nations’
New African Union Rapporteur President Mugabe embraces the bloc’s incoming Chair Chad President Idriss Deby after handing over chairmanship at the 26th Summit of the AU in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia yesterday

‘We will pull out of United Nations’

Mabasa Sasa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
African countries will not hesitate to walk away from the United Nations if Westerners continue to block efforts to reform and democratise the organisation, President Mugabe has said.
In an address interrupted several times by thunderous applause, appreciative whistling and standing ovations from Heads of State and other delegates yesterday, the outgoing African Union Chair warned that the day was coming when the continent would say enough was enough.

The no-holds-barred speech, made as President Mugabe opened the 26th Ordinary Summit of the AU in Addis Ababa, was a tour de force in oratory and gave the world nearly an hour of the Zimbabwean leader at his imperious and peerless best on the international stage.

From the start, when giving an impassioned call to action on the Palestine issue, to the end when President Mugabe announced Chad’s President Idriss Déby Itno as his successor at the AU, the gloves were off.

Indeed, on assuming the Chairmanship, President Déby conceded that it was not everyone who could give such a frank talk on the state of Africa and the world.


President Mugabe spoke soon after Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas thanked Africa for its support for a two-state solution to end Israeli aggression in the Middle East.

The Zimbabwean Head of State and Government, credited before the Summit for bringing the Palestinian question back to the centre, rallied African support for fellow oppressed peoples.

He spoke with real fire about the world sitting back as Israel brutalised Palestine — he was to use similarly powerful language later on when denouncing global inaction over Morocco’s continued colonisation of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic — before neatly tying this in with the warning that continued injustice would see the continent abandon the UN.

UN Secretary-General Mr Ban Ki-Moon sat at the high table with President Mugabe, and nodded his head as the outgoing AU Chair passionately spelt out the travesty of denying African countries equality in the comity of nations.

“We are supposed to be free and independent Mr Ban Ki Moon; supposed to be free— the 54 countries (of Africa). We come to the United Nations for the ceremonial (General Assembly); every year, September, we are there.

“We pay lots of money, go there and attend the General Assembly and make speeches, go back home: year in year out.

“But the bosses in the Security Council say you shall never have the powers that we have as permanent members … Reform the Security Council!” President Mugabe thundered as African leaders stood as a body in sustained applause, the second such interlude of note after the earlier approbation following his remarks on justice for Palestine.

And with the charm that he is renowned for, President Mugabe pressed home the point with a light touch that drew a mixture of laughs and applause when he continued: “I want to tell you, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, you are a good man. But, of course, that does not make you a fighter; it’s not what your mission was.”

Then it was back to straight shooting and the warning that Africa would pull out of the UN.
“We will fight for our own identity, for our own integrity and personality as Africans. We are Africans. If we decide – and we shall certainly do so one of these days – that down with the United Nations, (then) we are not members of it.

“Others are real members of it, we are artificial members of it. We can’t continue to be artificial members of it

How can only a handful of people (dominate the Security Council)?

“In fact, there is only America and the Europeans – those who say they are white-skinned. . .because they are white-skinned. ‘Anyone who is not like us shall not have the powers, strength and integrity that we have.’ If the United Nations is to survive, we must be equal members of it; equal members who can say when we go to the body, that we are now speaking fully as members with a voice that’s understood, respected and honoured.

“But no, that’s not it. We met in Swaziland years ago and we came up with (the) Ezulwini Consensus. We have said we want two permanent members with a veto if the veto is to continue. We don’t like it, but if the veto is to be retained those (African) members must also have IT, but if the veto is to be abolished they shall be like others.”

The AU’s common position on UN reform as captured by the Ezulwini Consensus demands at least two permanent seats with veto power and five rotating seats on the Security Council.

Britain, China, France, Russia and the US are the current veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council.

China and Russia have been open to discussing reforms, as have emerging powers like India and Brazil who also want to sit on the Security Council.

President Mugabe also questioned why the UN was headquartered in the United States and yet the majority of the organisation’s membership could be found in Africa and Asia.

The outgoing AU Chair had one last – good humoured but profound – message for Mr Ban, when he said “tell them (Security Council), for the last time that we are also humans and not ghosts”.

“We also belong to the world. Africa shall no longer tolerate slavery by any means; by denial of rights. . .I hope you will hear from us on the issue of the United Nations reform.

“You’re a good man, you’ve visited our countries where diseases have visited and where calamities and terrorism have taken place. We say thank you. That distinguishes you from others. We know where you come from” President Mugabe said, drawing yet more laughter.

The President aimed a blow at US leader Mr Barrack Obama, asking: “But what is he? A voice made to speak their language, to act their act and not our act. They are still superior.”

He painted a picture of the horror of being black in the United States, saying people of colour were shot by white authorities on the streets and “nobody seems to talk about it, but today instead they still want to talk about us”.

President Mugabe rounded off that matter by saying Western interference in African affairs was directed at trying to plant pliant governments on the continent, adding that the colonial agenda had taken on the robes of NGOs – again drawing enthusiastic applause.

Using their various covers, the agents of neo-colonialism, President Mugabe said, were dispersed all over the continent as “spies, pretenders, some say they are here in Africa to assist us, even in armed groups in our territories”.

In a laugh-inducing farewell to the AU Assembly, he told President Déby he was available to render advice thus: “I will still be there, until God says ‘come join the other angels’.”

President Mugabe also said it “was an honour to guide our organisation to implement its vision of the Africa We Want”.

The applause was long and warm as President Mugabe made his way off the podium, twice raising his fist in a salute that brought the entire AU Assembly to its feet.

And there were to be more laughs when he pretended to hit President Déby over the head with the AU Chairman’s gavel as he handed over the mantle.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Yes ,it is unacceptable for the UN to continue to ignore Africa`s demand for due dignity in the comity of the World nations. To view Africa with historical dirty Berlin Conference colonial eyes is too ghastly to imagine, especially from countries that pretend to espouse equal human rights. Well said our dear leader. The positive response from the audience as you boomed speaks volumes of your fatherly status in the AU. Long live our dear leader , Cde President Mugabe.

    • Cde Blessing

      Yes, long live our dear leader; but can Cde President please pay our bonuses now! What better way to show his love for his people.

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Cde you are intelligent enough to understand why bonuses are not paid yet. Its not because of lack of love. In fact in the private sector some workers are not getting salaries, let alone bonuses. Remember that your salaries come from the PAYE and other taxes from the private sector

    • Sabhuku

      It’s called grand standing. Just too much bark without bite by a desperate despot. The praise singer at Zimpapers are just stuck in the past. The man whose own economy is on it’s knees can’t talk of solving the continent’s problems. Pasi na Mugabe and his ZANU(PF).

  • munyaudzwi

    The paradox of it all
    So sad how a man who only wants his voice to be heard in his own country would lament at fictional reforms for the UN.
    He can’t reform his own electoral laws to align with the country’s constitution, he can’t reform the security sector which he has personalised to party security. He can’t even follow the constitution on anything he knows would bring fair play and equality as that would ship him out of power. Mugabe please reform in your own country before you ask anyone to reform

  • Ijaha LeManxeleni

    The sad reality is that Africa needs the UN more than the rest of the Western nations. So African leaders are just bluffing they can never even think of doing what Mugabe is advising them. Just wait and see what happens in the next year. The anti-Western rhetoric is going to die a natural death. Most of Africa is striving to lift their people out of poverty and unemployment and they will not listen to a leader whose pre-occupation is enrichment of his extended family and a few connected individuals . You don’t have to go far to see that we are not taken seriously: look at SADC:its all growth yet Zim is on a downward trail

  • b c

    Love him or hate him, the man is bold, a boldness that is not senseless but can be necessary to the downtrodden. When the time comes, it would be useful to have his replacement as president, whether from the opposition or ZANU PF, who is at least as effective at international platforms.

  • The General

    Charity begins at home

  • Shonhiwa

    What a shame Westerners finance the major part of UN operations, and also AU and SADC budgets to the tune of nearly 60 percent, perhaps Westerners should pull out of financing African institutions?
    Good riddance to begging bowl nations such as Zimbabwe!!

  • Chikonzi

    Kikikikikiki! New AU Chairman President Idriss Déby, his country part of the French zone of influence with an economy tied to the CFA franc guaranteed by the French treasury to assure stability, and kept in power by French military advisors and presence??

  • Mindu Al Killah

    lol he should have said Zimbabwe not Africa… Most well informed countries know the results of such a radical move..UN is the major donor in Sub Saharan  government, talk about UNDP, WHO, Malaria ,AIDS…
    I don’t get it why the least funding countries of the UN want to dictate the Direction of an Organisation….
    The same concept puzzles me why The Zimbabwean government want 51% of foreigner money when it comes to investment, infact its 100% because the government will say we will give you the 49% after attaining profits..
    we pulled out of Commonwealth 
    We kicked out farmers and now we are buying/importing maize from the very same people we chased out
    …..and now its UN..lol come on! We don’t learn‎

  • Mindu Al Killah

    lol he should have said Zimbabwe not Africa… Most well informed countries know the results of such a radical move..UN is the major donor in Sub Saharan  government, talk about UNDP, WHO, Malaria ,AIDS…
    I don’t get it why the least funding countries of the UN want to dictate the Direction of an Organisation….
    The same concept puzzles me why The Zimbabwean government want 51% of foreigner money when it comes to investment, infact its 100% because the government will say we will give you the 49% after attaining profits..
    we pulled out of Commonwealth 
    We kicked out farmers and now we are buying/importing maize from the very same people we chased out
    …..and now its UN..lol come on! We don’t learn‎

    • LostOdyssey

      Western nations have been looting Africans natural resources and minerals for decade. Africans simply need to look for a new buyers. Iran Russia China are few that come to mind

  • Rangarirai

    A pity President Mugabe embarrassed himself by asking why the UN was headquartered in the United States, displaying total ignorance of world history leading up to the creation of the UN on October 24th 1945 just after World War II, when it had just 51 member states.

    • Chitavati

      According to Mugabe style thinking UN Headquarters ought to be in China, and in 20 years time should be transferred over to India.
      Why aren’t the AU Headquarters located in Nigeria?

  • bodo_kwete

    Right words comig from the wrong mouth to right audience.

  • bodo_kwete

    We pulled out of the Commonwealth and left Mozambique enjoying all that ground work we had made for civil groups to interact with our communities and build-up understanding. Mugabe is not a good strategist. This is empty emotional tirade. His thinking does not “cater” for that potion of diplomacy needed to remain on the ball. Today, white people say “go to hell” in the same manner he says so.
    Of course America and other veto powers know where they stand and will do everything to sideline this noble agenda simply because it IS Mugabe who said it. At the end of the day, the weaker will loose, no matter how honorably and morally in the right you are. We need new methods of asserting ourselves and our interests.

  • Ijaha LeManxeleni

    This is reality Prof. USAID ,DFID is feeding Africans whose leaders are only busy looting state resources.You may be a beneficiary that is why you sound angry all the time. If Africa was not corrupt we would not have thousands perishing in the Mediterranean. You talk about resources Prof which ordinary Zimbabweean benefited from diamonds in Manicaland?Compare that with the Batswana?Who looted what and really do you think reforming UN will change that.

  • G.Hove

    Zimbabwe and Africa should thank God for giving us Cde R.G.Mugabe. We are proud of you Gushungo.

  • Comrade Zvenyika

    You stupid idiots, you cannot add one and one to make two. Rot in hell