War vets to hold elective congress


Zanu-PF cadres should not take directives given by the rogue leadership of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, senior ruling party officials have said, adding that a congress will be held to elect a new leadership for the organisation.

This was said by Zanu-PF Secretary for War Veterans Dr Sydney Sekeramayi, and Central Committee member Colonel (Retired) Tshinga Dube.

Dr Sekeremayi is also Defence Minister while Rtd Col Dube is Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Political Detainees and Restrictees Minister.

They were speaking in Bindura yesterday at the Mashonald Central leg of the countrywide President Youth Interface Meetings.

The remarks came after Zanu-PF National Secretary for the Youth League Cde Kudzanayi Chipanga asked the pair to clarify matters relating to war veterans and party members.

Cde Chipanga said, “It is difficult, not only for the youth, but for other party members to know which war veteran to work with on various party programmes.

“We want to give audience to Cde Sekeramayi as the war veteran’s leader in the party Politburo and Cde Tshinga Dube as the Minister Responsible for the War Veterans in Government. We are saying many people are claiming to be war veteran’s representing Zanu-PF and this is getting our people confused.”

Dr Sekeramayi responded by singling out Messrs Christopher Mutsvangwa, Douglas Mahiya, Headman Moyo, Victor Matemadanda and Francis Nhando, saying Zanu-PF members should not pay attention to these five as they had been expelled from Zanu-PF for using the ZNLWVA to bring the ruling party into disrepute and to denigrate President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe.

Dr Sekeramayi said no true war veteran would denigrate the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

“The infamous five of Mutsvangwa, Mahiya, Matemadanda, Nhando, and Headman Moyo should not move around and purport to represent Zanu-PF,” he said.

“We can not tolerate them because they are not members of the party. As a result, there is now need for the war veterans to elect a new leadership. These five are aware that there are plans for an elective congress and we know they will try to move around to organise a congress to elect the war veteran’s executive, but I say please do not associate yourselves with them. It is just a group of five people.

“I say as a leader of war veterans in the Politburo that war veterans must respect the structures and ideology of the party”

Dr Sekeramayi said Government had recognised the need for ex-combatants and other people involved in the liberation war effort to be structured and hence formation of the ZNLWVA.

Dr Sekeramayi
Dr Sekeramayi

But, he said, it appeared the organisation was being led by power-hungry individuals.

“We had the likes of (Margaret) Dongo and later Jabulani Sibanda. Sibanda thought he had the support of the war veterans and was more powerful than President Mugabe,” he said.

“Sibanda was expelled from the party for his wayward behaviour that is when we saw Mutsvangwa come in.

‘‘Like Sibanda, Mutsvangwa also thought he had become more powerful than the President and he was also expelled.”

Rtd Col Dube said a congress to elect a new ZNLWVA executive was on the cards.

“I am happy Cde Sekeramayi, the Secretary for War Vets in the Politburo has made it clear the position of the party,” he said.

“I would be a moron to work against the decision of the party. We should work and prepare for elections to choose leaders of the war veterans maybe this will kill the problem we are having once and for all.

“We should take orders from Cde Sekeramayi as he too takes orders from the President on how to guide the war veterans.”

Rtd Col Dube also said he would not put his head on the block to protect rogue elements, saying he was subservient to the wishes of the party.

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  • war vet

    please VaMutsvangwa and the other true war veterans are not moving around in the name of Zanu Pf. You can be a war veteran but not being a member of Zanupf please give us a break. To be in Zanu PF does not mean you are a war veteran. Leave VaMutsvangwa to lead the war veteran, makavadzinga Muchiparty chenyu havana kudzingwa from the War veterans association.

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      Its not clear if Mr Mutsvangwa and fellow expelled still have the support of the majority war vets. Its proper that a fresh mandate be sought from ZNLWVA members. The majority of us war vets are still in ZANU PF. Seeking re-election would clear the issue.

      • Valembe

        The association has a constitution to take care of such things and not get directives from Zanu!!

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      You are right. Sekeramayi is failing to realize that himself was busy educating himself when we were firing the bullets. Some fired bullets under ZIPRA whilst others were under ZANLA. So, if Matemadanda has been fired from the party, that does not make him cease to be a war vet. Go ahead with the elective congress, but make sure that you understand that Zanu-PF is different from the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association. One can chose to be or not to be a member of Zanu-PF, but a liberation war soldier is an automatic war veteran. Do not personalize history Cde Sekeramayi. We know your name have been taunted as a possible successor, but that should not make you talk too much. You failed us when you were duped by Rotina Mavhunga muchinyeperwa kuti purified diesel riri kubva mugomo.

  • Petras Naude

    CDE Chipanga, one of these days you will get to know ZANU PF. No one is a sacred cow in this Party. ASK former VP Mujuru and soon-to-be-disposed VP Lacoste. ZANU mahwani tsano.When supping with the devil,use a long spoon.

  • Garwe

    Hanzi Musalala mwana wandakarera….wondishedzera defender mwana wandakarera… wondishedzera jambanja mwana wandakarera… 9 months dzose woyi woyi woo….. Chipfana Chipanga dzidza kuremekedza vakuru. Zvenyu zvekunzi munoti shusha muchiti hamuna basa baba ndipeiwo one room but later on you mgo to a ZUNU PF rally attacking the same father arikuzama kukutsvakira basa ndohurombe manje.