VP Mujuru linked to President assassination plot

Vice President Joice Mujuru is at the centre of a plot to assassinate President Mugabe; a development that analysts say makes her continued incumbency untenable.

Two of the VP’s closest allies – former Zanu-PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo and current secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa – have recently spoken of assassinating President Mugabe.

There is a voice recording of Gumbo making the assassination threat, and a report to party authorities of Mutasa saying President “Mugabe will be shot”.

Investigations also show that another senior VP Mujuru ally, a Cabinet minister from Mashonaland Central, made contingencies for such a scenario during recent meetings with potential hitmen in South Africa and Israel.

Analysts and legal experts say there is no way VP Mujuru can be separated from the intentions of her closest allies.

Leading lawyers added that the police should act swiftly on the matter.

Last week’s Extraordinary Politburo meeting heard that sometime in October, Mutasa boasted to one of his lovers: “If President Mugabe blocks the ascendancy of VP Mujuru to the Presidency at the Zanu-PF Congress, then he will be shot.”

Immediately afterwards, the woman reported the matter to party authorities.

The revelation shocked the Politburo – including members who have been backing VP Mujuru.

And this dovetails with a voice recording of Gumbo who is heard saying: “Kana (President) Mugabe akaramba achipusha Mujuru out tichamubvisa sezvakaitwa (Laurent) Kabila.”

DRC’s President Laurent Kabila was killed by a member of his security team in January 2001.

The Daily News, which has for months been pushing the VP’s agenda, yesterday also reported as a matter of fact that Gumbo had been recorded making the treasonous statement.

Neither Gumbo nor Mutasa could be reached for comment last night.

In addition, there are indications that a Cabinet minister and Politburo member recently used the cover of official Government business in Western Europe to make stops in Israel and South Africa to allegedly look for hitmen in pursuance of the plots talked about by Gumbo and Mutasa.

Analysts say the VP could not distance herself from these treasonous utterances by feigning or pleading ignorance, given the very public fact that she has been working quite closely with Gumbo and Mutasa.

The pair has been the most vocal and active in propping up her ambition to take over the Presidency just one year after President Mugabe individually secured more than 61 percent of the Presidential vote and was given a five-year mandate by Zimbabweans to lead them.

Further, in August 2013 – two weeks after President Mugabe’s resounding victory, VP Mujuru told the Daily News on Sunday in an interview at her Ruzambo Farm in Beatrice that she was ready to take over Zanu-PF and Government; saying: “We know that the President will soon be 90 and God might decide to call him.”

A senior Zanu-PF official last night said there was now an “inescapable reality that Mujuru is irredeemably tainted by the treasonous utterances of Gumbo and Mutasa to make her position as VP simply untenable”.

Political analyst Dr Qubani Moyo added: “Actually, such dangerous statements expose the Vice President as a person who is not grateful for what she has. She should remember that she got to that position on generosity.

“The party should take drastic action against such cadres and I think it is high time the Vice President comes out in the open and tells the people on which side she is.

“If she keeps quiet, she can be taken to be a collaborator in this chaos; so she has to either confirm or disassociate herself. In fact, the party must now move in quickly and deal with her.”

Prominent lawyer Mr Jonathan Samkange weighed in saying the plot was “highly treasonous because what it simply means is that someone wants to change a lawful government by unlawful means. That is a straight-forward treason case”.

He went on: “The police should take action, arrest the accused and charge them with treason. Actually, I am surprised that by now the police have not taken action given the gravity of the issue.”

Another leading lawyer, Mr Terrence Hussein, said “those that cannot accept legal processes and legal outcomes and try to resort to violence are usually dealt with forcefully in terms of the law”.

Mr Hussein said, “People who call for bloodshed to try to remove a democratically-elected president or government through unconstitutional means are committing a serious crime. It is treason as our criminal laws clearly state.”

A retired Judge of the High Court of Zimbabwe, who did not want to be named for professional reasons, said: “From what I have heard about this case, including from the facts you have just favoured me with, I think Honourable Vice President Mujuru has more than a political headache to deal with here.

“There are some very serious legal and even political ramifications which will not go away just like that on their own. It is common cause that Messrs Gumbo and Mutasa have been working with Honourable Vice President Mujuru to achieve a common purpose to succeed President Mugabe not only in Zanu-PF but also in Government. There’s nobody who does not know this. The public record on this is very rich.

“In the circumstances, it stands to reason that Honourable Mujuru has a common purpose and a shared understanding or arrangement with Messrs Gumbo and Mutasa regarding their take on President Mugabe’s succession.

“As such, the Honourable Vice President has more than just vicarious liability for the allegedly treasonous utterances made by Messrs Gumbo and Mutasa apparently on her behalf or for her benefit.

“This is because it is a well-established principle in case law that if two or more persons reach an understanding or make an arrangement that they together do or pursue something which happens to be a crime, as is the allegation in the instant matter, they are each and all equally liable of the alleged crime while their common purpose, understanding or arrangement is still on foot and has not been called off regardless of what part or role each has played or not played in committing the alleged crime. That is the law.”

University of Zimbabwe Political Science Department head Dr Charity Manyeruke said the police should investigate.

“Of course, there are a few characters who have wished the President dead and some used ‘prayers’. Any wishful thinking about assassinating the President has always been exposed. For a Politburo member, it is insubordination of the highest order.

“Zanu-PF should not harbour such characters in the party. The Politburo should remain the guardian angel of the party, not the destruction of the party. If they become a killing force, then they must not be in the Politburo … it is in the State’s interest because the President is not just a party leader, but a leader of Zimbabwe as well.

“Therefore, police should investigate the matter. It is the police’s duty to protect the President… These are very serious allegations because we are talking about the President of the State.”

Analyst Dr Nhamo Mhiripiri said VP Mujuru’s situation was “dicey, especially now that we are seeing people aligned to her being expelled from the party”.

This was in reference to Gumbo’s five-year suspension from the party – a sanction also imposed on Central Committee member Enoch Porusungazi, former War Veterans Association leader Jabulani Sibanda’s expulsion, and votes of no confidence passed on provincial chairs Cdes Kalisto Gwanetsa (Masvingo), Amos Midzi (Harare), Jason Machaya (Midlands), Andrew Langa (Matabeleland South), and John Mvundura (Manicaland); as well as in other provincial executives.

At a Politburo meeting a week before the 2013 Zanu-PF Conference in Chinhoyi, Gumbo told members – with President Mugabe present – that VP Mujuru had the support of nine provincial chairpersons.

The VP did not remark on this declaration, nor admonish Gumbo that President Mugabe had just won elections and was thus mandated to lead until 2018.

And just last week, a few days before he was suspended, Gumbo said the core business of the December 2014 Congress was “succession”, again ignoring President Mugabe’s five-year mandate.

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  • Dr. Macharangwanda

    Same old story. From Ndabaningi, to Tekere, from Tekere to Tsvangirai, from Tsvangirai to Mujuru. they all wanted to assassinate him. And in each case there is always a tape recording.

    • chirandu_mukuru

      Well said. It’s the same old story. It’s almost certain she wont survive this purge, especially with all her lieutenants eliminated before her. I just hope they won’t trouble her and her lieutenants unnecessarily through court trials for treason.

  • Robalitheka

    Mmmmh it’s obvious

    • Robalitheka

      Kuti magara makazvironga!!

      • vamoose_mujuru

        There is a recording and a sting operation. They are done

        • Loya

          Iii Goche is heard on 7 September 2014 threatening war and the shooting of people whlist in Chiredzi. It only comes out after 2 and half months. Someone passes thruogh Israel looking for hitman nothing is said until now……Saka kana zvakadaro nyika inoendaka vane information vakanyarara….

  • @Soko_Mukanya


  • Jones Musara

    manje so, ma1

  • Rutendo

    Iyi ndonyaya yakadhakwa manje.

    • chinungu

      iwe uri sober here ?

      • Moe_Syslack

        Tibvirepo mhani kani. What’s your problem? Asi uri rovha, or maybe have no family? Spend time with them. Uri kutinyaudza.

  • JRR56

    You must be very very old to remember when the Sunday Mail was authoratative. I’m 60 and and it was before my time.

  • aaron sithole

    cry the beloved party. animal farm snowball, a revolutionary hero becomes painted as the biggest of all sellouts

  • Cde Pombi

    Anyone who plans to topple Mugabe is a sellout, really? By the way who gave Mugabe the right to be life president? Mujuru don’t despair, gather around your lieutenants and build a strong opposition splitting Zanu pf for the official first time, because these guys want your head on the spikes!

  • Regis Karaga

    sunday mail is no longer a family paper but a shame. taurai nhau dzeeconomic development not speculation otherwise its now a fallacy to call it a leading paper may be in gossip.

  • Village Kachindamoto

    So where is the security intelligence agency, we wait for the Sunday Mail to expose this plot…and call for arrests?
    You know what Sunday Mail; start writing books and plays for pre-schools!!!

  • Jon

    This is utter rubbish!

  • Dr. Macharangwanda

    It is called “democratic centralism” in the ZANU dictionary.

  • Mufakose

    Eish iwe Truth why are you that naive,if there was any truth in this none of those people would be alive today.Ma CIO would have dealt with them quietly without even a link to the allegations.This is a mere smear campaign

  • chinungu

    mati madii .she has a few weeks of being VP.she is a goner

  • chinungu

    mati madii.

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  • titi

    taneta netunyaya twenyu isu. makapedza machurch ka nw tek tek naVP. zvamukuda tozviziva. thats y tichiverenga sport chet musunday mail coz ndokunotaurwa chokwadi chete, js lyk ztv n radio zim. ZVICHAPERA CHETE

  • vamoose_mujuru

    I think this is no longer political but legal case. Mujuru mutasa and gumbo have a case to answer in court. This is no longer a political case but legal case. Mujuru should resign yesterday and answer in court the treasonous case.

  • vamoose_mujuru

    Are you insane who benefits if the prez is shot? These are rabid mujuru supporters. If the prez is shot who becomes prez? Mujuru ofcourse and mutasa and gumbo are known mujuru supporters. Those three have a case to answer in court

  • Mayor of Mvurwi

    This is the most foolish thing these conspirators could ever do, they will never enjoy a minute of satisfaction from it. In fact, they should now pray that no misshap befalls Comrade President Mugabe. We will bring the fire of hell to their doorsteps if anything happens to the President.


    Let her respond.


    Asi 1980 havana kuronga here mikwende yaizoita kuti vanhu vafe senhunzi?

  • Drudge Report

    But in the court of public opinion and considering congress is only 2 weeks away with her allies thoroughly beaten down, expectations are that Mujuru’s bid for the presidency via a zanupf ticket is all but over unless a damascan miracle happens within the next 2 weeks which is highly unlikely

  • Bob Tsvangie

    Its not fair to kill yo dogs after a successful hunt.Someone last week said a hyena before it wants to eat its kids it will first accuse them of smelling like goats.Now succession has been criminalised to treason.The Mujurus played their party and worked hard to b where the are now and if no longer needed deserve to b fired just like other dogs.

  • TheTribulationTimes

    Zimbabweans being taken for a ride again…

  • Mauchaza

    Nhema dzenyu. So why wait for congress to boot her out if she is guilty as alleged?

  • Kusvikazvanaka

    Surely why is Mai Mujuru so quiet when all the mud in this world is rubbed onto her face? Is it true that she and her politburo supporters wanted to KILL Mugabe so she gets his position? This is politics at highest level now in public domain. She should come on the open and defend herself else she would be dead or in prison soon. Yaaa Zanu Pf is so confused now.