Unusual miracles breakout at KPM …Free healing and deliverance

KINGDOM Prosperity Ministries has in the past weeks recorded unusual miracles which has set many captives free from long term sickness and afflictions.

The uncommon miracles are happening in the presence of many as KPM leaders Apostle Rodney Chipoyera and wife, Apostle Farai minister healing, deliverance and the prophetic free of charge.  
Apostle Chipoyera told a recent church service that KPM had entered into a season of ‘greater works’ where special miracles are now the order of the day.
This has seen people from across the country visiting KPM in search of permanent solutions to spiritual problems of all manner.
Apostle Chipoyera quoted John 14 verse 12 which says, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” The emphasis is on the greater works which Jesus promised to those who believe in Him.
During last week’s spiritual clinic on Wednesday, many testified in the presence of all that indeed God had used His servant Apostle Chipoyera to minister healing.
Some of the special miracles include that of Chipo Mupandaguta who gave a heart-rending tale of how she suffered from serious 10 year stomach ulcers, headaches and dizziness. Chipo could not walk when she first visited KPM but her story suddenly changed after Apostle Chipoyera prayed for her. Her moving story touched many congregants during last Sunday’s service as saints gave God the glory for the miraculous healing because they had seen her being carried into a previous church service.
Apostle Chipoyera then explained to the congregants that Chipo was healed after a demonic power was first driven out.
He then cited a biblical example where Jesus healed a blind person by casting out the spirit of blindness.
It is also of note that Lilian Musimuke was instantly delivered from fits which bothered her for 40 years while Tendai Tunduwani was healed of a foot problem which caused difficulty in walking since last year and Farai Mupunde was also healed of mucus and chest pains which affected him for 12 years.
Jessica Makoni gave God the glory after Apostle Chipoyera ministered healing and chest pains and fibroids which she lived with for 11 years disappeared while Thomas Chokuda was delivered from leg problem. Eutropia Mandiya testified her healing from fibroids and arthritis.
Patience Sibanda visited KPM seeking permanent solutions to her spiritual spouse problem which caused sickness for 17 years while Gertrude Sharing gave glory to God after receiving healing from 21 years of high blood pressure.
Others include Kundai Mutara who was instantly healed of back pain which gave her sleepless nights for five years and Oliver Muchabaiwa had a vomiting problem for three months. Patience Murape was delivered from chocking.
Apart from healing, several people have testified of receiving serious financial breakthroughs while others are getting jobs.
The breakthroughs and testimonies are coming as a result of deliverance from family witchcraft powers and evil alters.
“Anyone struggling with family witchcraft, the door is open at KPM. As evil spirits are being driven out, we have seen women getting married because anti-marriage forces like spirit husbands cause fibroids and marital strife,” said Apostle Chipoyera.
He quoted the basis scripture of KPM which is Obadiah 1 verse 17; “But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions.”
The KPM leader added, “All the healing, deliverance and prophesies must be based on the Word of God. Christians should learn to stand on the Word of God and pray with fervency in their hearts instead of being tricked by get-rich-quick prophets.
“Miracle money nonsense is leaving many stranded and frustrated after being sold false expectations. People are being deceived and it’s better to turn to genuine alters raised for God. Our alter is genuinely helping people and produces tangible results as we are witnessing at KPM. We put God first in everything we do.”
Apostle Chipoyera, who prays for people for free, always uses the Morning Prayer services – held between Tuesday and Friday from 6:30am to 8:30 am, to impart the grace and anointing for congregants to rule in the financial arena.
The morning prayers are open to all; it’s inter-denominational and Apostle Chipoyera and Apostle Farai dedicate several hours to teach the Word of God and then pray for deliverance and healing for FREE.
“At KPM, we share the true and solid Word of God as we teach people how to prosper on the marketplace and prosper in God’s way. We are teaching people how to become a millionaire by following Biblical principles.”
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