‘UFIC did not invent sacrifices’

Pastor Prime Kufakunesu —
THE issue of sacrifices in church has remained a contentious issue in modern day worship and recently, the United Family International Church came under criticism for calling for a crossover sacrifice of $77, $770, $7700 or $77 000 according to one’s ability.

People should know that it has to be noted that neither the Prophet of God, Emmanuel Makandiwa or UFIC invented the principle of sacrificing. This is a principle that is as old as the earth itself. It is a principle originating from God Himself and practised by the patriarchs of the Biblical times from Abel to Noah to Abraham to Isaac, Jacob through to the New Testament church.

Any person that believes in the Bible should never find it difficult to understand. Jesus Himself was God the Father’s sacrifice. God sacrificed one Christ in order to harvest many Christians.

I don’t want to believe that anybody who calls themselves a Christian can question the principle. In the book of Mark 12 from verse 41, our Lord Jesus Himself sat ‘over against the treasury’ (the offering basket) during the time of giving to see how the congregation gave so that He could use that as a lesson on how to give well.

If the issue of making financial sacrifices was wrong, Jesus would have said so to His disciples and gone on to stop the poor widow who gave two mites (other versions say a penny), something He goes on to describe as ‘all that she had to live on,’ (meaning she had nothing left to live on. And Jesus allowed that?)

Jesus Himself allowed the church to ‘take money from the poor’ as some would say today. Maybe some would disagree with the issue of stating particular figures, but since when has God become dumb?

He is the same God that demands 10 percent of our every income. The same God that demanded a son from Abraham, the same God that demanded every spoil taken from the capture of Jericho.

What would the critics of offerings say of the Apostle Peter who killed Ananias and his wife Sapphira because they kept back part of their money from the sacrifice? It makes very interesting reading to note that they had sold land and given part of the proceeds to the church, which would have been tens of thousands of United States dollars by today’s standards (probably more than $77,000) but for the portion that they held back, Peter curses both of them to death and God allows it to happen (lest we say Peter was used of the devil to do so. God Himself allowed a whole couple to die for holding back part of their money!)

The church has, since time immemorial, had a ‘Look Inside Policy’ where it has always been funded by its membership and that pleases God, who undertakes to reward such funders.

It has to be made very clear that the UFIC is not the only church that takes offerings and sacrifices and the fact that it is now Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa involved should not make it any more sinister than it is.

Every church should accept offerings and sacrifices, just like football clubs and political parties accept donations (or subscriptions or membership fees or whatever vocabulary they choose to use) from their membership for their running costs.

It would be very unfair to criticise the eight-year-old church that has achieved what most century plus old churches have failed to achieve in transforming communities, a clear sign that the man and woman of God believe in financial prudence and uphold it in the strictest terms.

The projects that the church has undertaken in various communities in the few years of its existence should be the envy of many-a-critic. To the critics that may not be born again, just a reminder that most of them are taking herds of cattle (and even more scary sacrifices) to some strange places in the deep of the night, in the name of sacrificing for prosperity (or kutanda mamhepo) because that is what they have chosen to believe. Just because they do it in the blackest of times and no one is there to see does not mean we all agree with their practice.

Even if we were to criticise them, they would never stop; the same way we will not stop accepting sacrifices and offerings because we have been criticised.

In fact, we await a few good Samaritans who are willing to sacrifice $7 million for the cause of the expansion of the Kingdom in 2017.

Pastor Kufakunesu is UFIC and Prophet Makandiwa’s spokesperson.      

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  • Mtz

    Thank you Pstr Kufa for clarifying this matter,…. i personally would sacrifice 77 million even 77 Billion USD if i had means,…., criticism has always been there, for every sacrifice of an Abel they should be a Cain to be disgruntled and criticize,…..,

    • Sensible Human

      This is no different from being munched with your eyes wide open like kapenta. Wake up and stop being this foolish! Makandiwa is a liar preying on your gullibility.

  • Emmanuel Joshua

    Anyone that has ears should hear the voice of God- well said Pastor Kufa, and very accurate. Sacrificing works, am a product of it.

  • Rueben Nhliziyana

    Well said Man of God

  • Ronald Mureverwi

    As long as the God of Prophet Makandiwa lives, we will not stop sacrificing to his God. Everything in this world is given from God, he owns the earth and its abundance including the life that is in all the believers and non believers. The good thing is that it is free will to do it to those who believe in the kingdom principles, its the most liberating thing to do. As long as the Earth remains, sowing time and harvest time will remain. We will worship our God with substance for he has been good to us!

  • Mwana wekanyi

    Dai vari Jesu wainzwa voti ane nzeve dzekunzwa ngaanzwe meaning pane vanadzo asi dzisiri zvadzo dzekunzwa

  • Rombe rakasimudzwa naJehovha

    Ndinokoshesa chose mawonero amayita mukuziva kuti mumwe nemumwe anotendedzwa kuva nemawonero akewo asi zvirokwazvo handitenderani zvachose nawo nekuti ini pano ndiri mumwe wevamwe vayisiwona nemuwonero wamayita uyu munguva yakare asi zvino ndakazorarama mune rimwe zera razvokwadi. Zera rinobvisa rombe kubva muguruva!!! Ndiri pano semumwe anopupura kwamuri kuti handichisina chandinoshaya zvachose muhwupenyu hwangu pane zvose zvandada muzuva ranhasi nekuda kwekungobvuma kuyisa zheve dzangu pamashoko emuromo waProphet Makandiwa nekutevedza zvavareva mukuyita kusina amanikidza. Kana imi Mwari wenyu achikuyitirayi zvose mukusabvisa kwenyu mari ndimi mungazotiwudzawo mukupupura kwenyuwo kwanhasi. Asi muzuva ranhasi regayi nditi Mwari waProphet Makandiwa mupenyu zvazvokwadi, anotaura kwete naProphet Makandiwa chete, asi navose vakagamuchira muranda wavo muzvokwadi yose yekuteerera shoko nekushingayira kuriyita misi yose. Kana imi mati henyu ava ndivo vanonzi ma So-called Prophets sekureva kwenyu, tiriwo pano kuti mutiwudzewo kuti maReal Prophets acho ndeapi nekuti kana musina vamati maReal Prophets, ini pano ndicharamba ndakatsika irori rekuti Prophet Makandiwa is one of the greatest Prophets of the God of Abraham, in our time!!!

  • Rombe rakasimudzwa naJehovha

    Handina hangu mashoko ekurasha zvakanyanya asi zvamanyora apa zvandipa mazhinji nekuti ndiri mumwe wevakasimudzwa kubva muguruva chaimo mandakawona pachena kuti maDegree asina shoko raJesus Christ kuseri haana kwaanosvitsa munhu. Ndawona manyora nechirungu chinotaridzawo kuti makafunda chose. Zvino zvamanyora apa zvinotaridza kuti pamakafunda makazogumira pakungofunda zviri mubhuku chete ndokukangamwa kufunda zviri munharaunda yenyu chero iyoyo yacho yamakafundira chaiyo. Mavhoko ose echirungu aya amataridza pachena kuti munoagona chose, zvirokwazvo hamuna kuzowona kuti kuseri kwekuwona maticha achimira kumberi kwenyu mumakore nemakore ekufunda, makabhadhara mari kuti varambe vachiwuyawo kwamuri vachikupayi mavhoko iwawa akazopindawo nemamuri kuti nhasi muzoita ekudada nawo mukumashandisa pasina ticha wenyu. Kumashandisa zvekusvika pakutoshoropodza zvose nezvamusina kumbofunda mumabhuku ose amakafunda, kushoropodza zvamusina zivo zvachose!!! Pamuri ipapa, zvingani zvine musoro zvamakawana mukuwuya mahara kwamuri??? Ko imi zvamakachenjera zvekunzvenga vamati vanoita “fool people into giving…” saka chiyi chiri kupa kuvira mamuri imi musiri kubigwa kana akasava satani anoyitira hasha akagara mukati memunhu??? Mune zvokwadi here kuti imi ndimi mune tsitsi nemurombo zvazvokwadi??? Zvino ndihweyi mushe. Ini ndiri pano kutaura kwamuri kuti as long as the Lord blesses me through the teachings of the word of God by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as he is doing in my life every day, I am one person who openly declare to you that I am more than 1000% willing to support Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa in anything including what you called lavish life-style!!! I enjoy to see him prosper and believe if the word of God can truly transform a man, it cannot surely skip a man of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s caliber, never!!! I have gotten my life in Jesus Christ through His teachings and this is not a secrete to anyone who knows where I am coming from and where I am today. If I could thank my school teachers and university lecturers for equipping me with knowledge to pass up to University and earn Degrees that allowed me to be under the instructions of other people daily for an insufficient salary, what can stop me from thanking Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa for a full Life in Jesus Christ, abundance of life??? A good teacher like Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is worth double honour and he is not going to be honoured by outsiders but by those that can testify what they have seen, ate, touched, etc at first hand like me!!! Iyi yekuwona mari dzichibuda muhomwe dzevakayita seni kuyenda muchechi ngayikusvote zvako asi hawungayimisi zvachose as long as denga richiri kutaura nekuyita sezvariri, apa richisimudza isu marombe masikati machena!!! Tiri pano kuti tikuwudze kuti mari yacho tinotoyibvisirawo kuti vose vakayita sewe vanyatsakusvotwa chaiko!!! Kana watadza kutumbura chinokupa kusvotwa, BP yacho ichashuta zvekusvika pakuparadza newe wacho. Dzidza kutaura nezvekwaunoswera ikwokwo utiwudzewo kuti Mwari wenyu asina zvemari ari kuyiteyiwo kumarombe!!! Kana wadawo kuziva zvekuku kwausingasweri, yambiro yangu ndeyekuti kubvunza kutsvaka zivo kune hwuchenjeri pano kungwarira kutukirira nekuzviyita muchenjeri apa uri iwe uri kuburitsa kupata kwako kwose!!!