The man who defied condition

Dr Ezekel Guti Jr
Continued from last week
FINDING a wife was not going to be easy considering my physical condition, I wanted to marry someone who would love me unconditionally, so the only option was to ask God for his guidance.

My father, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, said for me to be able to know the right girl I was going to marry, he prayed that God would send the girl to our house Genesis 24:4.

It was on a Monday 13th of January 2003, the day I will never forget.

In the early hours of the morning a girl by the name Caroline Katsande came to our house, the moment she entered our house the Holy Spirit confirmed to my father that this was the girl whom I was going to marry.

Without wasting time the same day my father arranged for us “masofa” a formal way of talking to each other. The amazing thing that happened is that every time I try to talk to people who are not used to my voice projection I use an interpreter, so my father was there to interpret for me and to our amazement the girl heard me clearly and yet it was her first time talking to me.

This became one of the evidence that she was the right one.

After proposing my love to her for some time she finally agreed to my proposal.  On the 23rd of January we had our engagement party, it was a small function consisting of the Bishops, Carol’s parents and my parents and it was done during the pastor’s deeper life and we saw the hand of God, plans to pay for the bride price were made and preparations for my wedding started.

Everybody wanted to be part and also a witness of this miracle wedding.

Fifth of April was the day; everybody was looking forward to. I was the happiest man in this whole world, I could not believe it, it was like a dream but thank God it was real. I saw my wife walking down the aisle; both our parents were our marriage officers. Let me say I have never seen such a big wedding, I can say it was the wedding of the century, thousands of people were gathered to witness this miracle wedding.

This day changed my life and as I am writing I want to say since from this day I am a happy man it is 13 years now and I still enjoy my marriage with my beautiful wife.

Carol is the greatest gift that God gave to me , she always amazes me so perfectly well and loves me just as I am, she has unconditional love towards me, she is my closest friend, my world and my everything. She is a great team mate in my ministry,  she supports me, we have travelled together in different places preaching the word of God and this has contributed a lot in our marriage that we have seen and experienced the Lord’s goodness.

My prayer is to grow older with Carol, I have never missed a day without reminding her how much I love her and how beautiful she looks everyday as I am learning to be a good husband from my father seeing him loving my mother every day, he is my role model.

To be continued

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