The color of hope

The colours that painted Mutoko yesterday said it all, some bit of yellow here, some bit of green there.

Mashonaland East woke up to a hive of great activity; the ruling party was coming to town; and with it some hope for a brighter Zimbabwe.

One could almost touch the excitement that was being brewed by the sky-high anticipation.

As early as 7am, the great trek led to Chinzanga Primary School, the venue for Zanu-PF’s election campaign Mashonaland East leg.

President Mnangagwa, who is Zanu-PF’s numero uno, was expected to deliver a message of peace, hope and political tolerance.

An estimated 30 000 people from across the province dedicated the afternoon to hear President Mnangagwa speaking about his vision for the country.

They were not disappointed.

As soon as the President got onto the podium to deliver his keynote address, Jah Prayzah’s tune, “Kutonga kwaro”, bellowed from the speakers.

It was time for the signature presidential dance, which has become popular at all Zanu-PF rallies and is trending on social media.

Once upon a time, it is this same dance that earned the then Vice-President Mnangagwa a nasty stick from former First Lady, Mrs Grace Mugabe.

“Hanti munoona, anotamba achizvinongedza kudai kana achitamba ‘Mdhara achauya’.”

Mrs Mugabe, who was clearly annoyed by the dance, imitated the moves at the last rally she addressed at Rufaro Stadium in Harare.

But that was then, and this is now.

At all ruling party rallies, several people now take to the dance floor to mimick the presidential dance.

Yesterday, Zanu-PF Secretary for Women Affairs, Cde Mabel Chinomoma; Chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and Politiburo member Cde Sydney Sekeramayi, among others, proved that they have mastered the dance very well.

And when it was time to deliver the much-awaited speech, with dust still in the air, President Mnangagwa rode on the festive mood, pledging servant leadership.

“I am your President due to deployment. I am your servant,” he said, whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

“We have a programme for this country. We have a programme for Zanu-PF. The first thing for this new dispensation is to ensure food security. Hakuna unofa nezhara.

“We are blessed with good soils, a good climate and natural resources in this country. That is why we continue to invest heavily in Command Agriculture, irrigation and mechanisation.”

He went on to delve into the energy, education and health sectors, among others, clearly articulating his Government’s plan once given a new mandate come July 30.

A bright vision for the country had been painted through amazing craftsmanship.

“The future is bright. And together, let us enter Canaan. Kune uchi nemukaka,” said the President in conclusion.

With the sun heading west, it was time for the jubilant crowd to disperse.

There was a new sense of purpose, a renewed vigour for tomorrow.

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  • Sandura1

    This old fashion dance thing has to stop.

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