‘The best of Jesus is in town’

Fatima Bulla Religious Affairs Editor
ONE of the artistes travelling with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for his Global Worship and Communion Service at the National Sports Stadium in Harare this afternoon has said locals should not miss the event as the “best of Jesus is in town”.

Pastor Uvie Mafuru said this in reference to Ps Chris, who is on a debut visit to Zimbabwe, saying Zimbabweans can ignore the charismatic founder of Christ Embassy – whose ministry spans over 30 years — at their own peril.

“In a programme like this where Pastor Chris is in Zimbabwe for the first time, I would encourage everybody to be spiritually ready because it’s a dawn of a new day.

“It’s like Jesus coming into town, that’s my best description. And he is coming in the fullness of the blessing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because he carries Jesus in him and he comes with the power of the Holy Ghost and that’s a lot. He is here with lessons for this country. This country, Zimbabwe will never be the same again I can guarantee you that,” Ps Mafuru said.

Ps Chris will today, among others things, institute the holy communion. His local assemblies have grown from a cell group to 138 pioneered by zonal leader, Ps Ruth Musarurwa.

He is known for his ministry of teaching, writing books and healing among others. It is these gifts that Ps Mafuru said would be on display even long after Ps Chris leaves.

“There will be a change in this country as a whole and then in the lives of the people in the country. So it’s all good to be good. So come with an open heart, the best of God is coming into town and it will be for everybody. Nobody will be left out.

“There are real miracles that take place both physically in people’s bodies and financially. Then people’s lives are usually changed,” said Ps Mafuru who is on his second visit to Zimbabwe.

After being mentored by Ps Chris, Ps Mafuru has travelled with the former on many missions across the globe. “The truth is that the nations we have been to with Pastor Chris have had testimonies of the country changing economically, socially and morally. Everything just changes in those countries like I said.”

Ps Mafuru produces music from Ps Chris’ messages.

“Ps Chris is my father. He is a man of God sent by God to me and to our generation. And I believe that the Word of God in his mouth is for the people in this world today.

“I have seen his word change people’s lives literally like that from being poor to becoming rich, from being sick to becoming healthy, from being lost to becoming saved, so he is a man to follow today because he follows Christ,” noted Ps Mafuru.

While Ps Chris is known by locals through messages on television, the 54-year-old from Edo State, Nigeria is described as a loving man of God.

“When you see him in a room, you don’t want to go out of that room because he is full of love. He is full of warmth from his eyes, his smile, his touch, his word. Everything speaks of one who truly loves people and loves God. And he shows it without restriction. He is a beautiful person to be with,” Ps Mafuru said.

Born on December 7 to a father who was also a preacher, Ps Chris became a Christian at the age of nine.

He started to minister at school and in villages, and persisted even when he got to university. In years to follow he started the Believers LoveWorld Incorporated Ministry also known as Christ Embassy, which spans across five continents.

His teachings are broadcast on LoveWorldTV in the UK, LoveWorldSAT in South-Africa, LoveWorldPLUS in Nigeria and other television networks and radio stations across the world.

Ps Chris’ Healing School focuses on healing people with all forms of struggles, while the publishing and television ministries focus on his writings and 24-hour broadcasts respectively.

Just before coming to Zimbabwe, Ps Chris was at his church’s Love World Festival of Music and Arts in South Africa, where he interacted with President Jacob Zuma and First Lady Dr Bongi Ngema-Zuma.

Zonal leader Ps Musarurwa — who screamed and cried when Ps Chris’ visit was confirmed — said this was the right time for him to be in Zimbabwe.

“Ps Chris is just an answer to my prayer,” she said.

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  • paparay

    This Pastor Chris is a ####..hamheno zvenyu munongoturikwa maoko pamusoro nemunhu wese wese

  • Jemhusi Bond

    What does “the best of Jesus” mean? That’s what I idolism and this guy is a known womaniser and how can he be said to be the best of whatever? I’m best of and you are best of Jesus coz his love has no idols. Rubbish go to see this at your own peril.

  • L. Makombe

    This is almost blasphemy. When it comes to Jesus Christ and God and the Holy Spirit, there is no good, better or best, because you can as long as you are a human being be equated to what they are. It is unfortunate that we now have journalists and editors who do not understand what they write about. One may have a liking towards, Pastor Chris, Makandiwa or Magaya, that does not mean that what one believes is correct. A preacher may have the ability to deliver what people say good sermons, but are these sermons having an impact on the person saying them. How may scandals have we had about these so called best of nothing pastors. You have pastors and so called man of god demanding payment to have one on one sessions with their parishioners. Did Jesus do that. Did Jesus buy himself the best of aircraft, card or clothes. Did He built upmarket houses in upmarket suburbs. Did he swindle people. Did he have journalist and cameramen who remain whilst others fell to the ground. When it comes to religion and Jesus Christ, we are all the same, we know very little, whether one is Doctor Nolbert Kunonga or street vendor with no formal education. Let us not hero worship human beings to such extend as to compare them to Jesus. The article to say the least was in bad taste, that I did not read the other sections of the Sunday Mail. It is very bad that we prefer the Sunday Mail for its informative news, but when it comes to issues of religion, the Sunday Mail is biased towards other denominations. Do not lead people astray.

  • Tammy Ashley

    Thank you for your beautiful article @Fatima and thank you @PastorChris for saying YES to God. I love you dearly!! Zimbabwe will never be the same again.