Thank you Mr Trump, HE says

American voters did Zimbabwe a favour by voting for Mr Donald Trump ahead of Mrs Hillary Clinton, who President Mugabe says hates the Southern African country with a passion.

Mrs Clinton was one of the main drivers of the United States’ Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, the American legislation that places economic sanctions on Zimbabwe outside of the United Nations system.

Addressing tens of thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at the sixth Presidential Youth Interface in Gwanda yesterday, President Mugabe said while Mr Trump may have his faults, he was a blessing in disguise for Zimbabwe.

He said, “Hatizive uyu, President Trump, mutsva akauya. Vamwe vanoti zvauya mumusoro ndozvaanoita. Vamwe vanotomuti ibenzi.

“Handizive. Asi ini, pachangu, ndinoti kana riri benzi, rakatibvisira uyu mukadzi angaanzi ari kuzotevera Obama.

“Wakashata zvakakomba. Haatide! So, ndaingonamata kuti kana riri benzi, dzimwe nguva benzi woti ah, ndiwe wazoita izvi? Kana rozopenga rinenge ramboita zvaunoda.

“Saka, ndinoti akaita zvakanaka. Nekuti anga achauya nemasanctions futi, nezvondo rainaro kuna President. Very very vicious hatred yaainayo towards Zimbabwe.

“So, we say we also are children of God, and minamato yedu inotibatsirawo zvekare because we are doing no wrong to anyone. We are good neighbours to our friends vatakavakidzana navo.

“We are working for a cause, for our people, a good cause. We are not offending anyone, and the Lord Almighty, I know, will justly judge us as being right and assist us in our endeavours.”

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  • Jojo

    It is sad that most of these rallies focus on peripheral issues instead of the issues you raised in your comment. It is equally tragic that a man who calls himself a nationalist and a liberator is more concerned about who occupies the US Presidency than delivering a good life for his suffering citizens. Mr President, you are reputed to have immense wisdom- if you are transparent, serve your country diligently, respect the wishes of the people and leave office when your time is up, there is no need to lose sleep about who wins the US election. The way things are now Mr President, most of your subjects would vote you out of office if we had the chance but you have denied us that.

    • G Tichatonga

      We voted for him. You have a chance to remove him next year…but then, we intend voting him in again. Tough if you don’t like it.

  • Michael Kausiyo

    true words of wisdom