Teen dancehall star wants to be a doctor

REMEMBER Ras Pompy, that primary school pupil that got a scholarship from Y2K Promotions after rocking Zim dancehall? Well, he is back.

Zimdancehall is a genre usually associated with bad boys, druggies and school dropouts, but there are a few other artistes who continue to defy that stereotype.

Music fans might have noticed that Nyasha Reginald Mano aka Ras Pompy, has been quiet over the past few years. This super talented kid had put brakes on his musical career for the past four years to concentrate on books.

While the artiste is now back in the studio as he recently finished writing his O-Level exams, he is already exploring his academic options as he awaits his results. In an interview with The Sunday Mail Society last week, Ras Pompy said he wanted to pursue sciences as his aim is to study medicine.

“I know that I still have to wait for my results to be certain that I will go to the next level but with the way I prepared for those exams, I am confident that I will pass,” said Ras Pompy.

“I want to do sciences at A-Level because I see myself studying medicine and becoming a doctor in the near future.”

For someone who started high school at the pinnacle of his musical career, one could be forgiven for thinking that the young lad would be derailed by fame and a buck in his pocket, but that has not been the case.

After earning a scholarship to study at Borrowdale Brooke Academy, thanks to UK-based Y2K Promotions, Ras Pompy has not disappointed, dedicating his energy to books while taking a pause from music.

“You can confirm that when I started high school, I was among some of the top Zimdancehall acts in the country and while the fame and money was great, I decided to focus on studying.

“I could have continued riding on the momentum I had back then, but that would have hindered my academic life. I might not be the brightest of students, but I am somewhere up there because I can actually boast that in my class I was the best in subjects like ICT.”

He added that moving to Borrowdale Brooke Academy was a blessing as it gave him the opportunity to study in a conducive environment.

“Being a private school, this was a totally different environment from what I was used to, having started at Morgan High School. I realised it is easier to concentrate when you are studying at a school that has a few students, so I guess this move helped a lot.”

Meanwhile, the long holiday is an opportunity for Ras Pompy to resuscitate his music career. The chanter has not lost his touch as he has already recorded more than 30 songs in less than a month.

On one of his current releases “Tadzoka”, which features longtime friend Spiderman, the artiste is sending a message that he had taken a break from music because of school but he is now back in the game having completed his final exams.

The song has a video, which has already accumulated thousands of views, a sign that these youngsters still have what it takes to compete with other artistes.

Having written his biggest hit to date, “Style and Pattern”, in class just after he finished writing his last Grade 7 exam, it still remains to be seen if he still retains the same magic he had back then.

Listening to his new music, it is evident that the artiste has matured, not just in terms of his flow but also lyrically.

“These days I am really taking my time when it comes to composing songs because I don’t want just to rush and create something that might end up being meaningless and boring.

“When I get in the studio and feel a beat that inspires me, I start coming up with a song in my head, I put it on paper and make sure that I chisel it until I am satisfied that I can take it into the booth and record.”

The artiste has already started doing shows in various parts of the country, a move that his pockets will certainly welcome.

“While I was still in school, there were many promoters who called me for shows but I did not take up most of those offers because I saw it as a hindrance but I’m now back on the road.

“Since I finished writing exams, I have already performed in Mutare, Victoria Falls and Gokwe, among many other places.”

He however said things are a bit different from the days he started, with some promoters offering less than he normally charged. His main goal at the moment is to fight his way back into the limelight, something he admits is a daunting task.

“I don’t want to lie to myself, I know that my graph had gone down these past few years but I am willing to work hard so that I get back into picture. The music I am making is good, so right now what I need is circulation and airplay so that music fans can listen and appreciate what we are doing.”

Having captivated the nation as a 13-year-old wonder kid, with hit songs including “Style and Pattern”, “Tobhilivha na Most High” and “Nzira Dzevakoma”, his future looked bright on the music scene.

The academic detour might have taken him off the Zimdancehall radar but if the music he is releasing is anything to go by, he has a chance of making a solid comeback.

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  • Here is a young man his peers would do well to emulate. For the youth of the ghetto, the only way out is the acquisition of marketable skills. Go, Ras Pompy, the sky is the limit.