Takanyi – Zim tennis’ big enigma!

Takanyi Garanganga still visits his old friends from Mbare – the location he was bred –  and describes himself as “conscious” person.

While he believes that tennis is not his everything, the 27-year-old still struggles to sleep after a defeat.

Such is the enigma that is Garanganga, who many believe to be the next big thing in Zimbabwe tennis after the exploits of the Black brothers Wayne and Byron.

To others in the Fourth Estate, the United States and Amsterdam tennis ace remains what they call “a media nightmare” as getting an audience with the young lad is a Herculean task.

A fact The Sunday Mail’s own Brighton Zhawi found out first hand.

After weeks of trying to pin him down, as he is currently in the country on holiday, he was greeted with demands that he stay clear from any topic regarding the Davis Cup, All Africa Games or Olympics.

It is the same aforementioned topics that his manager Thabhani Sithole emphasised on before sanctioning the interview.

Below are brief extracts for that interview.


“I want to get into double digits if I can break into top 50.

“This year if I can make top 100 that would be great; that has always been my thing whether I haven’t hit the goal in terms of the sport each I year I want to be top 100.

“I would like to go to Japan for some challengers in the Far East I have only played in Bangkok, so this will be my first time in Japan.

“But when you break it down there are points in my game where I have to sharpen up and look at how I am playing especially when it comes to my serve. Those are some of the things I look at, then I go back on court with my coach and discuss that.”


“I didn’t do so well according to tennis critics … I had injuries, scheduling wasn’t so great and there some tournaments that I didn’t have to play but did.

“That messed up the tempo of the year and from my end I didn’t adjust well enough to those circumstances.

“I had a minor tear on my hamstring but I was still playing.

Grand Slams and ATP Tours

“I have played Grand Slams … French Open, Wimbledon when I was a junior.

“I was 17 in the world so I played those tournaments.

“It’s not just about playing the tournament, it’s what you are doing once you get to play.

“I want to win ATP tournaments.

“Playing Grand Slams is not just what you want to do; one wants to get into second rounds, finals and things like that. I want to win professional tournaments.

“Tennis is not everything and life is meditation. People think tennis is my life; but the fact is it is just part of life and it took me quite some time to realise that.

“Life is meditation so when I practice tennis it’s a form of meditation. I told you I want to be in the top 50, but what happens in between is just life

“Today I am with Martin (Dzuwa), sometimes I go to Alexandra Park School where I went to from Grade One to Seven.

“I have cousins that come to the house, sometimes I go to Mbare because that’s where I was born and sometimes I simply chat with my girlfriend on the phone.

“I kind of pick and choose what’s naturally flowing,” he said.

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