‘SA raised Tyson-Malema warning’

South Africa’s ruling ANC wants Zimbabwe to rein in Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere over his alleged links with Mr Julius Malema, it has emerged.
The Sunday Mail understands the ANC caught onto liaisons between Minister Kasukuwere and the South African opposition leader last year, and subsequently alerted Zanu-PF.

Ruling African National Congress secretary-general Cde Gwede Mantashe is said to have also raised the issue with his Zanu-PF counterpart, Dr Ignatius Chombo, during their routine meetings.

Cde Mantashe could not be reached for comment while Cde Chombo had not responded to questions sent to him by The Sunday Mail by the time of printing.

Impeccable sources on both sides of the Limpopo told this pupblication that South Africa was worried that Cde Kasukuwere’s ties to Economic Freedom Fighters leader Mr Malema could taint ANC-Zanu-PF relations.

A source in South Africa said, “The issue of the relations between your Kasukuwere and Malema is a tricky one that has the potential to strain relations between the ANC and Zanu-PF.

“I am aware that this matter has been raised a number of times, both at party and Governmment level. The secretary-general, Gwede, is very concerned about the issue.

“Last year, he briefed Dr Chombo of the ANC’s concerns. He urged Zanu-PF to handle the matter internally because the ANC was concerned that any dealings between Malema’s EFF and Zanu-PF could spell trouble.”

Another source at ANC’s Luthuli House headquarters added: “There is evidence showing that the Zimbabwean minister (of Local Government, Cde Kasukuwere) was subverting bilateral links between two friendly countries that have a revolutionary history.

“I cannot go into details of their liaisons, but it appears the two have been communicating from the time Malema was still with us before he went to front the EFF.”

Following our publication of the Kasukuwere-Malema alleged liaison last week, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association Chairman Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa visited The Sunday Mail and said he was happy Cde Kasukuwere was taking the matter to court because it would allow all evidence of the links to be exposed.

Cde Kasukuwere is suing Mashonaland Central Minister of State Advocate Dinha and The Sunday Mail for publishing the allegations on May 7, 2017.

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said, “Kasukuwere and Malema’s counterrevolutionary dalliance has been an obnoxious thorn in the flesh of the brotherly bonds of the two sisterly and neighbourly nations. Both infantile braggarts have been foolishly toying with the lion’s tails of the two militant parties which share a tenacious and ferocious anti-colonial military pedigree.

“Cde Kasukuwere’s correlation with Malema was based on the divide and rule principle as they used strategies to hoodwink people by attacking from the left, appearing to be leftists and faking radicalism and a false resource nationalist agenda.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa said Cde Kasukuwere and Mr Malema were “trying to grab power”.
“I am confident there is enough evidence on both sides of the Limpopo to adduce to the nailing of Kasukuwere. I believe the SA intelligence services would relish the chance to avail such evidence. After all, Kasukuwere and Malema are tied together in a combustible web of avaricious greed and ambition for power.

“The ANC as a party and government have enough gripes against the duo of infantile political pretenders. Lawyers will have a field day as Kasukuwere’s braggadocio will turn into a nightmare in the self-incriminating lawsuit.

“ZNLWA and its MK (Umkhonto weSizwe, the ANC’s anti-apartheid armed wing) allies will sure be part of the defence team of Minister Dinha. We will declare our interest in the legal proceedings from the onset. We will not watch akimbo while traitors and spies run amok.”

Ambassador Mutsvangwa also said “we will comb through Kasukuwere’s dealings in South Africa. We are confident we will strip him nude in preps for the new prison garb from Chikurubi Prison warders.

“A friend’s enemy is your enemy too. Our message to him is that bring it on Kasukuwere. Typhoid Tyson tichamubvamburudza. Afterwards there will be no Saviour to save”.

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  • Zvobgo

    Tyson is as elusive as the heavy weight champ he is named after.
    All the bishop’s men, all the night theories will not trip Savior

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    You are ignorantly insinuating the politically impossible. ZANU PF can have internal dynamics. But it wont split or become incapacitated to fight elections successfully. The issue of sanctions remains germane in our politics because they were imposed in the hope that people`s suffering will drive them away from our revolutionary party and give your sellout party ,MDC ,an advantage. Remember the now unfolding awareness among many researchers ,including some former MDC cadres like Dr Shonhe , seeing political reality in Zimbabwe,in respect of MDC`s misguided policies against our land reform and black economic empowerment in general. In fact it is your MDC which is now given to political fatality. I continue to wonder why you stooges of the West dont learn from the political history in our nation since 1980. ZANU PF spearheaded the armed struggle and it is still focused to ensure blacks in this country attain more than ballot box five ritual in defining full democracy. In short , ZANU PF is now spearheading the struggle for economic democracy. Individuals in ZANU PF can behave foolishly or wisely, fall or rise, but the party as whole will remain a strong on going political concern in the interests of povo Zimbabweano! Amen!

    • Dr Newton Galileo Einsten

      You have transcended garullousness albeit singing for your supper. Your penchant for callling some people ignorant is moronic and plainly dimwit. Only a celebrated fool parades such fake learnedness with unprecedented lack of restraint. You have no knowledge of and are unable to put a face to some luminaries here you dare call names of course taking advantage of selective posting of your rants and hiding behind some fake name. You are the kinda fool I would definitely take on either in a physical duel or an academic one. You are so psychotic the sooner you realise it the better. Soon the straws will break. Ungavhundukwe chati kwata in the process confirming the imbercile that yoa are. Mari inonaka yes and even prostitutes argue the same. If this is a war I am sure your nom de guerre shall be sanctions buster.

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    Chake Tyson kungoziva hake pokumira like a fielding cricketer

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    Nathaniel-cum-Buruship Razaro won’t allow the sorry scribes ma sirias aunoreva