‘Prophet Makandiwa consults sangomas’

UNITED Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa allegedly consults traditional healers and stage-manages prophecies, according to papers filed in court.

In an opposing affidavit to Prophet Makandiwa’s application for dismissal of a US$6,5 million lawsuit by businessman Mr Upenyu Mashangwa, the litigant says the preacher should appear in court where evidence will be led to prove that he is a “fake prophet”.

Part of the affidavit reads: “Respondents (Prophet Makandiwa and wife, Ruth) have in the main matter made allegations against the present applicants.

“We must establish those allegations. We intend to lead evidence for instance which shows that the applicants obtain powers from their association with the occult, that they consult traditional healers, have people which they use in their church to obtain information from congregants and which Makandiwa passes on to unsuspecting congregants as prophecy.

“The affirmation is as false as the many ‘prophecies’ on the basis upon which we now sue Mr Makandiwa as a common fraudster.”

Mr Mashangwa says Prophet Makandiwa must appear in court where he will prove that the preacher “is a false prophet and has no relationship with God” and “that despite knowing that to be the case, he lies to people that he has communion with the Divine”.

The businessman, through his lawyer Mr Jonathan Samukange, says, “I want Makandiwa to say under oath that he is a prophet of God. I want him to tell the court how his powers of prophecy were transmitted to his wife.

“I want him to explain why he took advantage of the trust we had reposed in him.

‘‘I also want him to explain the kind of magic that he used on us all this while and to rebut the suggestion that he consults the occult. How can all this be decided on affidavits?

“I finally indicate that all these issues that relate to whether Makandiwa is a false prophet are issues that are going to be put to him by my counsel who is not only competent in law but I believe probably knows more of the Word than Makandiwa.”

Mr Mashangwa says he will also demonstrate, Bible in hand, that Prophet Makandiwa is not entitled to receive tithes.

“It is going to be clear that his receipt of tithes is a fraudulent act at any rate … It means nothing to me that Makandiwa is quoting scripture, even the devil does,” says Mr Mashangwa.

Mr Samukange told The Sunday Mail that Prophet Makandiwa’s application for dismissal was a fruitless effort to defeat High Court judge Justice David Mangota’s position that Prophet Makandiwa defend himself.

“Makandiwa’s application is an abuse of the court processes. He is asking another High Court judge to overturn a ruling by a same court judge. He was supposed to go to a higher court. Makandiwa is basically saying make a ruling in my favour.

“The fact that he has paid my legal fees for the exception application case which he lost means that he recognises Justice Mangota’s ruling. Let Makandiwa appear in court and I will cross examine him; he must take the witness stand and testify.”

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  • Emerald

    This fake, self-proclaimed prophet can try to defend himself as much as he wants but he is a liar. He is no prophet but a crooked individual who is in the whole church thing for money. He coerces his gullible followers to cough up their money by promising stuff such as divine healing, marriage, debt forgiveness etc that he knows are not real. He takes advantage of people’s desparation for his personal financial gain.

    • MUWONI

      According to the Laws of Zimbabwe, consulting n’angas is not a crime. There is freedom of religion. This couple is trying to make a diversion from answering the case. They lied period. What does going to n’angas has to do with this case where the couple sold one property to two people and pocketed the proceeds but went on to lie that Pr Makandiwa stole from them. They know that they dont have recourse from the courts so they are trying to make the case turn into a public court so that they use people’s feelings and emotions to bring about a public verdict from the masses reason being to shut down UFIC. This is what Pilate did during the time of Jesus. He knew that Jesus was not guilty and there was no case to answer so the jury turned into into a public court case so that emotional people would decide by way of their feelings and they chose a criminal Barrabas to be released over Jesus. Though the council and Pharisees knew that the decision to free Barrabas over Jesus was wrong, they endorsed it anyway because of their hatred for Jesus.

      Mathew 27:15 15 Now it was the governor’s custom at the festival to release a prisoner chosen by the crowd. At that time they had a well-known prisoner whose name was Jesus Barabbas. So when the crowd had gathered, Pilate asked them, “Which one do you want me to release to you: Jesus Barabbas, or Jesus who is called the Messiah?” For he knew it was out of self-interest that they had handed Jesus over to him. While Pilate was sitting on the judge’s seat, his wife sent him this message: “Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.” But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas and to have Jesus executed. “Which of the two do you want me to release to you?” asked the governor. “Barabbas,” they answered. “What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Pilate asked. They all answered, “Crucify him!” “Why? What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate. But they shouted all the louder, “Crucify him!” When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!”

      The strategy of a public trial by the Pharisees (Seventh Days who killed Jesus because were always at loggerheads with Jesus concerning him praying for people and healing on Sabbath) is the same strategy that these people are trying to use against Prophet Makandiwa. The crowd in Zimbabwe knows better. Most of them know the truth. The men of God behind all this will soon be known especially one of them who has made up his mind to smear Pr Makandiwa so that they be at par in terms of filthiness. Tichavanyarira church yacho manje manje though it would be very sad and a setback in the body of Christ. However, God has to clean his church.,,

      • Million

        Oh i see
        This couple is being used by a certain man of God who want the name of Prophet Makandiwa to be filth as his.it makes sense now,there is a man of God behind all this!! but these pple they dont understand that character is with u always,being accused of something that u have not done cannot affect yo character unlike being accused of something that u have actually done.if they are false accusations he will come out of it more stronger and on another level in the spiritual realm because inthe kingdom of God no test no promotion but cursed is he who is used by the devil to bring offences and temptations

    • oscar

      how do you know all this.Hmmmm, are u a member of the church sir?I I believe those are just accusations based on rumours and not facts. Its like the whites believing that blacks are monkeys. Is it a fact or just insults.I believe issues should be concluded after rsearch and parading of evidence to support your facts.

      • Emerald

        Oscar, here is a simple example: Makandiwa claims that through his prayers no disease is incurable. Yet no person who is HIV positive that he prayed for has ever been confirmed healed. Not a single one has ever come out in the open to confirm their healing. That should tell you something about his claims.

        • Million

          have you ever been to their church to see if there are no pple being healed.are u aware that hospitals are not allowed to certify hiv free to a once hiv positive person after healing.these are matters of faith,canal minds cannot comprehend such

          • Emerald

            Million, your naivity and level of ignorance is staggering. No HIV positive person ever prayed for by Makandiwa ever became negative! Wake up will you? How so much of a buffoon have you got to be to believe Makandiwa’s crap that he prays for HIV positive people and they become negative? Same is the case with cancer sufferers. Anyone positive who would test negative will no doubt go public about it with joy and this would be followed with a simple verification process. Further, it would make international headline news. You are brainwashed by this Makandiwa crook. One day you will see the light.

        • Ngoni Claude

          have you tried to research? Its not your fault, you are not a member of the ministry.

    • Ola

      You dont begin to investigate the sincerity of any Christian only when they have money! Because if there anything money does, is to help genuine Christians to serve God better!

      That was what the devil also failed to understand to the extend of asking God to take away everything from Job. In riches Job served God better. Actually, the devil thought that taking away everything from Job would make him curse God.

      If you want to write about the Prophets today there is no way you can divorce that from where they are coming from. They served God well even when they were not yet who they are today, and never stopped praying for, celebrating, encouraging those who were doing well at that time. As just as God is, when it’s their time why do you now hate it?

      The problem in Africa today is that people like it when things are tough for their own African brethren. They enjoy it when fellow Zimbabweans are wearing tatters, sleep under the bridge etc. Once brethren start to rise and they are no longer in the same conditions and situations they are angered. This is the demon that we need to fight today in Africa.

      If you anyone is failing to believe in their God they must not be angry with those that put their God to work and to challenge and hold it to his word. Because God surely answers prayers and as we continue to question them, these clever ones keep questioning God about their next move…The same hours we have been given by God these clever ones are busy planning, strategising, praying and doing everything in their power and here we are criticising. So in the end who will be better, their criticises or these that are praying to God for one more hour for just the same hour we are wasting here on internet?

      • Emerald

        Your rantings do not take away the simple fact at hand that Makandiwa is a fake prophet. Simple answers to that come from his lies that he prays for people with fibroids and their tummies shrink. It’s there on his clips. Likewise when he claims that he prays for people with short legs and they lengthen, or that he prays for HIV positive people and they are negative. Anyone who uses common sense will know that a mere confirmation that a previously HIV positive person is now negative will make international headlines and attractive medical practitioners and researchers from all over the world to verify and see how that would have happened in human history. The fact that there has never been such confirmations should tell you that your Makandiwa that you blindly follow is a liar and a fake prophet. He promises people stuff that cannot happen in a way that coerces people to cough up their hard earned money for his personal benefit. The issue is never about Africans hating the success of others as you seem to insinuate.

        • Ola

          Emerald you have good concerns and opinions.

          The point here is not trying to convince people about what the Prophets can do because we have direct evidence. What is being done is what the bible referred to ‘that which no eye has seen nor ear heard’.

          So I totally appreciate it when you question such things, because these no one else has done nor no one else heard.

          That’s why it’s always good to verify everything and I think what you are doing now is part of that verification. But let me tell you at this point that, that there are many doctors, physicians and specialists who are in the medical field and are also part of UFIC ministry. These medical professionals are both scientifically proven but also understand spiritual matters. Let’s get some facts right here, that the Prophet has never at any point in time suggested that he would replace medical professionals but instead work together to help those in need.

          For you the challenge I want to leave with you is more than simple!

          Find your own sets of challenging medical conditions and bring them to UFIC and then you will be in a better position to write about what the Prophet can or cannot do. Now you are relying on secondary information to make all these conclusions. I would really listen to you more if you would challenge what has been done after you do this challenge!

          Never be fooled by Prophet Ruth and Emmanuel Makandiwa ‘s humility. To be honest I am not as gullible as you think, but based on my personal and direct experiences I have come to the conclusion that these Prophets have been send for an assignment.

          I liked your contribution today because you really expressed your opinion without being rude and it’s better for us to engage further. Let me know if you would want to go ahead with the challenge. Because to be honest with you, you have to understand how much people across the divide have benefited from this HIV/AIDS debacle and for them to hear that there is any African anywhere who can cure it is a jeopardy. So understand that along the health value chain the Prophets will face resistance.

  • Gordon Maphosa

    Emmanuel Makandiwa is as real as Prophets come, say all you want but that wont change a thing.
    Zvanzi hee !!!!, he consults n’angas ,consult n’anga for what ?, so you are suggesting that n’angas now have capabilities to perform miracles more than Jesus.Zvanzi hee!!!, miracles are stage managed , yet you say again he has people who collect information from UNSUSPECTING congregants, ndokuti chii manje, Zvanzi Samukange knows the bible more than Makandiwa, haa people musadaro

    • patson kaendesa

      Makandiwa chikwambo icho, hapana humwari huripo paya. And iwewe utori dofo, cant you get it kuti iko kucollecta information from unssuspecting people secretly and use that information achinyepera prophecy ndokuita stage manage kwacho here. Ndosaka muchingodyirwa mari makanyanyopusa

      • Million

        You are very gullible.so you believe and take as fact allegations which have not been proven.this couple has proved not to be trustworthy,how come they lied that they lost a house yet it was Makandiwa who exposed their lies,they even lied again that they a lost a court case after engaging a deregistered lawyer and again Makandiwa exposed them for lying,they didnt lose the case and they did not engage the said lawyer.they lied again that they were given a debt cancellation prophecy but Makandiwa even provided s DvD of the service as evidence,they were never given an prophecy.
        This couple have proved beyond doubt that they cannot be trusted with any credible evidence in their case.there is something sinister behind this.someone said there is a man of God who is backing them,i believe him.if you follow this issue as nuetral without being biased u will see there is something sinister.the problem is these journalist dont give a balanced report for example this chitemba guy he only reports the side of the mashangwas

    • Ras

      Makandiwa chikwambo icho, hapana humwari huripo paya. And iwewe utori dofo, cant you get it kuti iko kucollecta information from unssuspecting people secretly and use that information achinyepera prophecy ndokuita stage manage kwacho here. Ndosaka muchingodyirwa mari makanyanyopusa

      • Gordon Maphosa

        iwe, ndiwe wakatotsva manje, if you believe kuti he uses people to collect information from unsuspecting people and use it to stage manage prophecy, then why do you believe he also visit n’angas,to get what information, cant you see you are contradicting yourself. AND above all it takes dofo to believe kuti n’anga has more power than the Almighty Jehovah

  • Chitototo Zvangu

    I see that this couple is mud-slinging Emmanuel Makandiwa. Is whether he is a prophet of God or otherwise the subject matter? This couple is very desperate to say the least. But let us all know that money is the root of all evil. He will also demonstrate, bible in hand, that Makandiwa “is not entitled to receive tithes”.

    • Ngoni Claude

      What really hurts you on the tithe. Is it your money which is being taken? If we take a survey three quaters of the church members are more rich than you

  • kuda

    Actually theres a group of lawyers and theolegians working on challenging the church to stop collecting tithes in the name of God. They would want the church to prove biblically that the current pastors should receive tithes. Jesus did not preach of tithing neither his disciples. Even for the qualities of leaders its not even there yet conpastors keep using this to con pple of their money.Just wait and see you pastors thot kuti vanhu vakapusa now its game on. Unoti kana unamashavi ekumba kwenyu woti unotaura naMwari. Vakuru vakazoti wani NGWARIRAI KUPURURUDZIRA SHAVI MUCHITI MUDZIMU.

    • Million

      Why prove biblically? Is biblically the only way of proving that?
      U are right by saying theoligians.theoligians are known for that.knowing scriptures but without a revelation of them just like pharisees

  • Independence

    The issue is you lied and committed fraud and now you are being dramatic. Go to prison and stop wasting the court’s time.

  • Revelator

    Touch not the anointed ones. Even Jesus, they could not believe that he was a Son of God.

    Coming to the issue of tithing, Jesus did not say stop paying tithe.
    Why is it that people always like attacking people who are prospering in their field of expertise?

    Leave Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife alone.

  • Fungai Musimwa

    Mashangwa hauna nyaya iwe

  • Million

    Brian Chitemba,journalist for hire.when Makandiwa presented facts of how this so called millionaire couple sold their house to
    Magaya and that he never gave them a prophecy neither did he advise them to engage a Mawere as their lawyer how come Brian Chitemba you did not write about it.you seem to be onthe side of the Mashangwas.how much have they paid you.
    Anyway observing as a nuetral,i think Makandiwa is right that this couple is grandstanding and want to bring his good name into the mud to the same level as that of Magaya.we were all waiting to hear the couple objecting that they didnt sell their house to Magaya and to prove that indeed the house was attached by a bank but instead boom they are talking about something else.so they have also not refuted claims that they made a double selling of their house,that they never lost that house to any bank,that they were never given a debt cancellation prophecy and that
    they were never advised not to engage Mawere and that they never engaged this lawyer,Were these not the main allegations and accusations they made against Makandiwa and Makandiwa proved beyond doubt that this couple is lying.saka zvekuti he consult n’angas blah blah haisiriyo nyaya ka iyi,there is grandstanding here
    Hapana nyaya apa,vakungotsvagiridza nyaya
    In any case mashangwa lied under oath that he lost a house.mashangwa want to use the courts to try and cause humiliation.he cannot be trusted.first he says he lost a house now he is saying he wants to prove that he is not a true prophet,next what is he going to say.as for this journalist for hire Brian Chitemba,why do you always write the Mashangwas side,write about both sides if u not being bribed

  • Ngoni Claude

    i guess keeping quiet is not vulgar

  • kuda

    http://www.scielo.org.za/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1017-04992016000100006 This is a research done on the founder of early pentecoastalism founders in Southern Africa J.G.Lake. The vocabulary being used here is just not the language of men of God, lying, exaggeration, trying to cast demons away by physical force resulting in deaths, extortion of money etc. These founders actually ran away from the USA becoz of lots of allegations levelled against them. They cam to an unsuspecting population of Africans with average intelligence.What we see now in the whole pentecoastal movement is exactly how it started way back then in the 1900s. These guys who started wanted to make money but hid behind the miracles etc. Pple who followed it initially thot this was real that’s why it grew up so fast and so large .But pple are getting to understand the whole objective of the pentecoastal movement.Ever wondered why the Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists who come from well developed societies have never embrassed this pentecoastal stuff? it is a fuss and FAKE.The only truth about it is that it believes in money

  • Frog Datya

    Ini hangu handinamati kwaMakandiwa but nditenderei to say something positive, maybe for the first time.
    This man is a “Prophet” even to those who now accuse him of being fake. He has been around for a considerable time, and has been a “Father” to many in his ministry. What I dont understand is, why does he only become “Fake” kana vanhu vasisadyi? Following closely what these people claim of Makandiwa’s dirty deals and how much information they have about him, you are only left with one question; PAMAKATANGA KUZIVA KUTI ITSOTSI MAKARAMBIREI MURI MUCHECHI YAKE.

  • Diximart Diximart

    The Mushangwas are just a crazy couple……..they want to prove that Makandiwa is a fake prophet…well good luck to you.

    Never try to tarnish the name of a man who is with God.Dai vari vamwe vanwa zvavo doro pane kuda kutamba nevanhu vaMwari…..munotukisa dzinza renyu.

    • Leeroy Adolfo

      He is not Jesus.I worship Jesus.He is worth praising,not an individual.Zimbabweans are now engaged in idolatry and they don’t even realise it.Some even kiss the ground these individuals walk on.What a shame.why not give that whole-hearted praise to Jesus.

  • Leeroy Adolfo

    The problem I see is that Zimbabweans in general have become obsessed with the title ‘prophet’.all God fearing people must realise that the only way to the Father is through Jesus.It seems people worship these so called ‘prophets’ and not Jesus.I’m not going to get into an argument with anyone on whether these individuals are prophets or not.Pray to the Lord for guidance.We are in the last days,and many will be misled.Get back to the foundation of your faith, and that is Jesus, not individuals.People want shortcuts to the Lord,but there is ONLY ONE WAY.I wonder if most even read their Bibles,because you would be able to discern truth from lies.Stop worshipping individuals.Our track record leads to the path of destruction

  • Emerald

    Oscar, Oscar, Oscar…Wake up boy. How do you know they were once positive and now they are negative? Did you ever see their medical records and then check their test results after being prayed for? Those people who testify are part of the scam. Use common sense boy. You are brainwashed by this lying Makandiwa of yours. He is only a skilled preacher who speaks common sense, which any other skilled orator can do, and you take that to be God-inspired. Makandiwa is no prophet. He is a liar!