President to reshuffle Cabinet

President Mugabe could this week reshuffle his Cabinet, wielding the axe on underperforming ministers and priming his team for better execution of duty.

The Head of State and Government disclosed this at the Zanu-PF Youth League National Assembly in Harare yesterday.

The President, who is Zanu-PF’s First Secretary, said some Cabinet ministers would be transferred to other portfolios while others faced the prospect of being dropped altogether.

“. . .  But we must also look at ourselves and say to ourselves, ‘Well, have we, all of us, co-operated together or are there some amongst us who, although they were given positions, and although they are good members of the party, but have not done well?’

“And also in Government per se; although we appointed people to certain positions, did they live up to the calling of those positions? Tinotarisa kuparty, zvimwe chetezvo totarisa kuHurumende zvimwe chetezvo and next week, there might be some changes in Government.

“Right, I don’t want people to run away, but I must also do my own review yekuti who have not pulled up or lived up to expectation muHurumende and tongoramba takadaro here kana kuti anosudurutswa, dzimwe nguva kubva adonhedzwa? So, that exercise I will be doing, and early next week, you will get the results.”

President Mugabe expressed disappointment with Government officials who were reluctant to do their jobs, especially assisting young people implement empowerment projects.

“I have learnt with a heavy heart that some Government departments are exhibiting lethargy in implementing youth developmental projects, vane basa rekukubatsirai vasingade, vachida kuramba, kana  vachingopa mareasons asingaite, ekuti zvinhu zvinonoke chete, tiwudzei nekukasira.

“I, therefore, would like to commend the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, finally, for launching the Zimbabwe Champions and Heroes of the Economic Empowerment Revolution and the Empowerment Bank. Makaita launch yebank nana Mai Mugabe a day ago. Makorokoto.

“I encourage you to make good use of the US$10 million donated to enable you to start it, to generate useful projects. Furthermore, I encourage you to work with relevant Government departments to make sure that the youths are fully economically empowered.”

President Mugabe was impressed by the performance of some young land reform beneficiaries, and highlighted the tremendous success of the Presidential Well-Wishers Agricultural Inputs Support Scheme and Command Agriculture.

President Mugabe also said vendors in Harare’s central business district should relocate to designated selling points.

“We must clear the roads. Vanhu kana vaziva kuti uko ndiko kunotengeserwa, vanoyenda ikoko.

“We do not want to see Nigerian-style. Ndinonzwa kuti ivo vandiri kutaura ivawo vatozara mutown umu. Ah, hona tsvinadzoga-dzoga. Ngatiregerei kudaro town yedu. Harare must be the smartest of all towns because it’s our capital city.”

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  • Mugabeism

    It is time for the President Cde Robert Mugabe, assisted by President-in-Waiting Dr Grace Mugabe, to remove disloyal and lazy Cabinet Ministers.

    Ministers should emulate our President. That is why Cde Patrick Zhuwao will be promoted.

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Hove inotanga kuvora musoro, think about it!

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    …we appointed people to certain positions, did they live up to the calling of those positions…So sad coming from a guy who has had 37yrs and all he managed to do is run this country into the ground. Hatina kana mari. What a narcissistic individual. Mugabe is not Zimbabwe or vice-versa. Mugabe didn’t live up to his position so it’s time to go grandpa.

  • Tengenenge

    A certain sorobhangu minister is at the centre of all disharmony in his party and government.Hope he is finally sent packing

    • Gushungo WekuGP

      Keep on dreaming Jonso is the kingmaker in Zimbabwe. He tried to make ED king but it went into ED’s head that he was this big boss “Ngwena” now Johso is showing him who is boss.

  • eliah

    Hope this time around Cde President you will not recycle the old blokes, can you also suspend the famous two belligerent parties so that they can play out their issues in court without having to worry about government business.

    • musayigwa

      You seriously think any reshuffling is about performance – seriously!?

      If you still pinning any hopes on such reshuffling stunts, then you have not been paying attention to see the elephant in the room.