Ocean Waves’ new leaders

Ocean Waves Junior School recently held its 2017 Prefects investiture as part of its efforts to congratulate and give confidence to the new crop of leaders as they gear up for their tasks.

This year’s prefects comprise of students from different grades all in an effort to infuse leadership skills to all age groups. It was all fun and pomp fare as parents, teachers and the rest of the school cheered the new leaders as they were sworn into the prestigious office.

As is the norm at Ocean Waves, the whole school gathered to celebrate and not to be outdone was the school choir which sang beautifully under the guidance of their choir mistress Mrs Musadziruma.

The ECD class also attended the gathering
The ECD class also attended the gathering

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine, hide it under the bush, NO!!,” they belted.

Well written speeches were presented and poems recited much to the amazement of parents and guardians who all looked surprised that their children had mastered such wonderful public speaking skills.

Pastor Makiwa adresses parents
Pastor Makiwa adresses parents

Guest of Honour, Pastor Makiwa encouraged the youngsters to use the opportunity to lead wisely.

“It is a privilege that you have been given, the responsibility is a favour and this should make you more humble than ever. Many people never get such an opportunity to accomplish that which you have achieved hence you need to take this as an honour.

“You should strive to gain knowledge of your tasks so that you perform according to expectations. Always think outside the box”, he said.

Headmistress, Mrs Mandeya, encouraged the children to continue using their talents to become future leaders and develop the nation.

Headmistress Mrs Mandeya congratulates the new prefects
Headmistress Mrs Mandeya congratulates the new prefects

“Leadership begins here, today you are prefects but tomorrow you will be teachers, nurses, engineers, and pilots. Be a leader not a boss, you must accept that the young ones need your help. Be at your best behaviour all the time,” she said.

Ocean Waves Junior School is located in Rydle Ridge Park in Harare. The school offers a Christian Environment and Ipad education in line with global trends.

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