No Thomas, that’s not how it’s done

ON April 22, 2018 on these pages, I wrote that “. . . no matter what comes out of Mukanya’s oft-unbridled mouth, we already feel differently about our country”.

He did not disappoint. Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, as expected, ran his mouth off.

It’s as if Mukanya does not know that he no longer has to seek relevance by mouthing off. His music does the talking for him. His artistry is enough for people across the political divide.

Judging by the numbers that turned out for the Big Bira last weekend – his popularity is not in doubt.

And precisely for that reason, Mukanya must learn to put a leash on his mouth.

We enjoyed his performance at Glamis Arena. We listened when he advised Zim dancehall to be original if they have any hopes of breaking onto the international stage. It was good when he censured corrupt politicians.

But it was irresponsible for Mukanya to encourage physical confrontations ahead of elections this year.

And why should a man of his stature signal that he does not believe in voting, that he will not vote?

And since he confesses that he is not a voter, why sing a song with inflammatory lyrics that incite election-related violence?

Why would Mukanya, in “Chauya Chauya”, sing: “Yavesarudzo Muzimbabwe … chauya chauya vakomana … gore rino tinopedzerana … hondo iyo, hondo iyo.”

We have already seen how rowdy the MDC-T can be. We saw it at Morgan Tsvangirai’s funeral when Nelson Chamisa’s boys tried to burn Thokozani Khupe alive. We have heard Chamisa talking about unleashing the “guys from Mbare” on the electorate.

There is a horrible history of violence around elections in Zimbabwe and for Mukanya to sing of war this year is downright irresponsible.

The new dispensation led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is at the forefront of saying “down with violence”.

What we need is for all Zimbabweans to support this position and behave like people who want their country to succeed.

I’m not saying Mukanya should endorse ED. Far from it. Besides, ED’s work over the past few months has already endorsed him.

All I’m saying is the US-based artiste should refrain from using inflammatory language at a time when people have accepted that there is nothing wrong with holding divergent political views.

What Mukanya’s divisive rants, utterances and irresponsible lyrics prove is that this man is out of touch.

Fourteen years is a long time to be living in exile and relying on mostly unreliable online publications for information about one’s country.

Mukanya does not really know what people went through from 2004 when he last set foot in Zimbabwe, through the tough years of 2007/8, Robert Mugabe’s fall and into this new era.

So out of touch is Mukanya that he did not know who his true paymaster was throughout the months that he got his deposit, prepared for his show and finally performed.

While he was busy speaking ill of Mugabe, the former President’s son, Bellarmine Chatunga, was the one signing his hefty cheques.

If there were any doubts about Entertainment Republic being a poor attempt at legitimising Chatunga’s Triplife, Chatunga himself in his social media celebrations of his remote controlled event confirmed that Triplife Entertainment is Entertainment Republic.

Of course, his acolytes will deny the link — just as they tried to do initially with Triplife before the Mugabe boys let the cat out of the bag again through social media, interviews and outright endorsements.

This has been a poorly kept secret. And Chatunga has never been good at keeping secrets.

But Triplife/Entertainment Republic is not our story.

The story is about Mukanya and his irresponsible lyrics.

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  • Emerald

    Mtandazo you are quick to paint the MDC-T as violent but you deliberately left out the violent nature of ZANU PF who beat up people in the rural areas in the run up to 2008 elections, who let the greenbombers jog around shouting “hondo” and other war rhetoric to terrorise voters, who harassed voters in the 2013 elections, and who amongst themselves demonstrated a penchant for violence in the just ended primaries. Your attempt at painting the MDC-T as the only violent party has discredited your message.

    • Cde Manesi

      What does Chisa Mbama Chisa on the MDC-A-Z campaign poster mean if not unbridled violence ?

      • Emerald

        What does the ZANU PF fist symbol mean if not a threat of violence? Besides, my point is that ZANU PF is a perpetrator of violence which the writer chose to ignore and only pointed to that of the MDC-T. Lastly I did not say the MDC-T has not exhibited violence. Learn to pay attention to detail.

        • Cde Manesi

          MDC-t is a perpetrator of violence,which you choose to ignore.

  • Maxwell Mukombachoto

    sure his music should do the talking not a mukanya fan but sometimes he get lost in his interviews.There is nothing particular about him being an outstanding musician.He must not mix politics and entertaining people.He must take a leaf from his colleague Tuku.while he mukanya is busy entertaining foreigners in foreign land Tuku is busy making a big name at home and getting respect the whole of Africa.Tukus empire has grown since mukanya left and if he really understand that Zimbabwe is his country and at one time if he retires would want to be here at home,he should swallow his pride and concentrate on constructive not divisive and violent lyrics.Kana akuchembera ngaachembere mushe.Anopedzerana nani???

  • Mukoma

    Pathetic Journalism Mtandazo. Ivo vana Chatunga vacho varikumboregererweyi vakadaro by the so called new dispensation in the first place when it’s obvious their wealth is ill gotten. This is just a shameful attempt to smear Mapfumo once again because he probably did not sing praises when he came.

  • Chiyedza

    Zanu Pf inozikanwa nemabasa erima unopaenda masikati machena ukavhura muromo uchitaura chokwadi sezvinoitwa nana Dr Mukanya zviya,ko vanaZhakata vakaitwa sei neZanu Mukanya akatogona akanogara kunze kwenyika, vazhinji vedu kusataura pano hakusi kushaya zvekutaura kwete Asi kuti kutotya .Chauya chauya July wacho tongotambira zvabuda chero vakaenderera mberiwo nekutitonga ndizvozvo hapana yekutamba.