Prophet Magaya Column: Night of Turnaround 3 targets mothers

Prophet Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries will be hosting a Night of Turnaround all-night prayer next month - Picture by William Mafunga
Prophet Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries will be hosting a Night of Turnaround all-night prayer next month – Picture by William Mafunga

All is set for the Night of Turnaround 3, our all-night prayer meeting. We have done two such prayer sessions before, one held in Chitungwiza while the other one took place at Raylton last year.

Usually when we have such all-night prayers, that’s when we identify a breakthrough in our ministry in terms of many testimonies at one go, the number of people who understand us, what are we, who we are, where we are going.

But the difference about this all-night prayer is that my birthday is on November 6, so instead of having a birthday party, I said let me give back to the people.

Hence, the Night of Turnaround 3 on November 7.

At the all-night prayer, I will be giving to mothers, saying thank you to all the mothers.

We are still looking into the logistics but we expect to have a bumper crowd of mothers, all of whom we view as important as they raised us, worked hard into being the people we are today and now it’s time to give back.

In my case, I will also say thank you to my mother for giving me an opportunity to be in this world.

God created me on this earth through my mother, so we will appreciate all the mothers that we know and all those we think are of influence in their families and communities.

The reason for bringing the likes of South African gospel singer Benjamin Dube and others, is that an all-night is just a long time and there will be a lot of people, so the show will start at around 4pm to provide entertainment to the congregants and prepare them for praise and worship.

People will be praising God through music until 8pm when we start the prayer sessions.

We have created parking and police will ensure congregants are safe because we are expecting not less than 200 000 people.

We have received thousands of phone calls from people around the world namely; Australia, London, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Sudan.

The foreigners are booking their seats so that they don’t get stranded, but we are not making people book.

It’s the biggest event, we have ever held as a church and we are anticipating that many lives will be saved and at the same time there will be healing and deliverance.

We decided to call the all-night prayer the Night of Turnaround 3, because three years ago, there was a turnaround in our ministry.

We anticipate a turnaround to a lot of lives, turnarounds from poverty to prosperity, sickness to good health and so on.

PHD started growing from 500 to 5 000 people, so it’s also a turnaround to our ministry.


We have had a lot of testimonies at PHD and these include one by Harrison Mpulanga from Zambia who testified at the last Sunday service.

His right leg was amputated in March 2014 after being diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, cancer and HIV.

He then started suffering from open ulcers on his left leg and visited the hospital on 29 April 2014 where the doctors told him that he had delayed treatment, so the only option was to amputate him again.

Doctors said that the left leg must be amputated from the thigh.

When he was in the hospital different Pastors visited him and one of the Pastors advised him to visit PHD Ministries. That same day he came to know about PHD Ministries he was fortunate to be discharged from the hospital.

He visited PHD Ministries’ website and he got information about how to visit PHD Ministries.

When Harrison arrived at PHD Ministries’ premises he was experiencing excruciating pain such that he had to ask his wife to go where I was standing in order to collect the soil because he could not wait for the anointed man of God to lay hands upon him due to the pain.

When the wife brought the soil he applied it on his 3 open ulcers with faith and belief and behold, the pain just stopped immediately.

He was at the guest house seeking solutions to his problems which had caused his right leg to be amputated while doctors were also planning to remove the left leg.

The doctors had said the only solution to his left leg was to cut it off also because they wanted to minimize chances of the cancer spreading to the whole body as well as its bad odour.

Before he visited PHD Ministries guest house his sugar diabetes level was 36.5 and when we declared to him that the sugar level had normalized, he was shocked to find it below 5.

The time he decided to visit PHD Ministries his relatives tried to stop him, basing on the reports from doctors that were recommending him not to travel because of his condition, and they were also afraid of the cost incurred should he die in Zimbabwe.

He gave the relatives US$90 000 for them to allow him to visit PHD Ministries such that if he died in Zimbabwe, they would have to use that money to repatriate his body.

He started using anointing oil when he left the guest house and after 10 minutes the wounds dried up.

Prior to his visit, the doctors had given him three days to amputate his leg. On the day of giving his testimony, Harrison was asked about his HIV status and he said that he had not yet gone for tests therefore he still believed that he could still be positive.

At that moment we declared also that he was no longer HIV positive and must go for tests to confirm that.

Harrison was sent to the nearest clinic where he was tested and the results confirmed that Harrison was and is now HIV negative.

He came back before the end of the Sunday service and the good news of his results were announced in from of the congregants.

We give all glory to God the Almighty who heals all diseases according to Psalms.103:3.

By the grace of God he is now completely healed, no more wounds.

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  • Lawyer Advocate

    @ BC. Did you know within thr history of the human kind there was a time when they thought small pox could not be eradicated. I can see that your faith lies entirely in the medical field. How then, did it suddenly became pissible that it was wiped out. How come you believe HIV cannot be wiped out. When all it is is just a disease that never used to be there, suddenly appeared and will suddenly go. You need to understand that Magaya does not claim to heal, its God who heals through him. Are you then saying God can not heal HIV.

    The bible clearly says all diseases, it didnt say “EXCEPT HIV”

    • b c

      My dear Lawyer Advocate, The question is not mater whether or not God heals. Magaya here presents what he describes as a testimony of someone whom he said had HIV, he prayed for, and allegedly the HIV exited his body: healed. Are you convinced that this happened? With all due respect I dismiss it as the crap that it is. This is not to say I have faith in medical intervention as you say. I am simply being realistic. Where medication heals a condition, there is proof, where it suppresses a condition, such as the case with ARVs on HIV, or chemotherapy on cancer cells, there is proof, yet where there are claims of healing of HIV and cancer through prayer there has never been proof, and the persons prayed for continue to have the conditions. Sadly many others succumbed to these conditions despite having been prayed for by these so-called prophets.

      My simple challenge to you is: follow up the named person, if he is real at all, check his past medical records and his current. I guarantee you that if indeed the claim is true the whole world will report this almost like headline news, as a real breakthrough. Remember the real life story of a well known local sungura musician who traveled to the so-called SCOAN in Lagos for healing prayers for his cancer, but never got healed, and sadly he passed on. Read the comment by the American Cancer Association on the heading “Faith Healing” on Wikipedia. There is no evidence the world over that prayers have cured HIV or cancer.

      Present me with tangible proof and traceable evidence and rest assured I have no reason to maintain my current stance. It is sad that countless people are lined up holding placards disclosing their sensitive HIV status, which they would otherwise have kept secret, at so-called healing or prayer sessions held by Makandiwa, Magaya, TB Joshua and other self-proclaimed spiritual healers, all in the hope that once laid hands on the HIV departs their bodies, yet the virus never exited. You can imagine the regret most of them have especially where their condition on those placards was seen by those whom they’d never have wanted to know. All thanks to these Magaya, Makandiwa and TB Joshua liars who promise what they simply cannot deliver. Then they tell you that the persons were not healed because they did not have sufficient faith. Is it not faith enough to display your sensitive condition in front of camera’s and other congregants seeking healing?

      What you are failing to realise is that the more these preachers make these claims, the more the gullible feel obliged to part with their money through so-called offerings and tithes, and the more the preachers get rich. I am confident that some day you will see the light my dear brother.