News Cafe closes doors

EVANGELICAL Fellowship of Zimbabwe president and Faith Ministries pastor Dr Shingi Munyeza’s has shut down his alcohol-selling businesses that were cause for much debate in recent years.

Faith Ministries at one point reportedly tried to pressure the clergyman into stepping down from the pulpit because he ran gambling establishments and night clubs.

Pr Munyeza’s News Cafe outlets in Borrowdale and Five Avenue Shopping Centre closed doors last week.

Some former employees have claimed they are owed salaries.

“The businesses were just shut without notice to workers and some of us are owed huge sums of money. We were told that News Cafe was likely to reopen at a shopping mall close to Chinhoyi Street,” said one of them, while declining to be named for fear of victimisation. Pr Munyeza said News Cafe was relocating.

“There are a number of factors which led to the temporary closure of the businesses. Chief among the reasons are the foreign currency challenges.

“There are also issues about rentals because the current arrangement was not working. We haven’t closed the businesses but it’s about consolidating, restrategising and refocusing.”

A strong critic of former President Mr Robert Mugabe, Pr Munyeza has dabbled in politics and has also called for free, fair and credible elections in 2018.

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  • Emerald

    Not surprised. It actually took long. Rental levels are responsible only to a slight extent perhaps at Sam Levy’s Village where tenants are ripped off, but the real issue is he priced himself out of business. Munyeza is one of a number of business people who still have the mentality of charging high prices without appreciating the real value of the US dollar (at least when he started there really was more US dollars circulating freely). The mere fact that there are a number of similar food and entertainment outlets that started before him but are still in existence confirms that it is factors internal to his operations, chief among them pricing, that are responsible for the closure.